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so i've just dug out an old cod potty training boot camp thread to get an idea of what to do - are the chocolate buttons obligatory?

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rempy Sun 04-Jan-09 14:16:57

because i have a feeling that if we start with them for potty training, all dietary control will be lost - every meal time since christmas the answer to the question would you like some pudding? (normally friut or yoghurt) has been "ice cream!"

so what alternative to chocolate rewards have people used? anyone not used bribery? and still done it cold turkey, quickly?

and whilst i'm picking brains, what are the signs of readiness? shes 23 months, and today has carried the potty round everywhere, has sat on it fully clothed and pretended to do a poo and wipe her bum, and consistently tells us she has done a poo in her nappy. but never mentions wee. and wont sit on the potty with clothes/nappy off. she can put on a pair of pants 5 times out of ten.

Coldtits Sun 04-Jan-09 14:32:21

No, there is no alternitive, bar haribo.

The point of a treat is that it's a treat. If you ration it so strictly it's memorable for weeks after the event, of course it's going to become a bit of an obsession - like chocolate cereal in this house.

Personally with your daughter at the age she is I'd start training in earnest in the summer so she can be naked!

rempy Sun 04-Jan-09 14:38:31

Have no idea what to do Colditz.

DH has 3rd week in Jan off, we have decided not to go on hol, but to try and sort DS sleep out (he is 5 months, and a blardy nightmare, needs some daytime routine, naps in cot, shush patting and stopping co-sleeping at night but I am just not strong enough to do it alone with DD at home too)

FIL said "oh are you going to potty train DD then too? when he heard about this.

Not sure it will be a good idea to do both!

But I go back to work end April, so dont know if I should try and do it just before I go back, or accept that i should take time off just after going back to do it when it is warmer, and she will be 2.4 ish.

IlanaK Sun 04-Jan-09 14:42:57

I don't know what Cods methods are, but with noth ds1 and 2 we used chocolate (m and m's because they are bright and colourful). They sat out of reach in a clear jar and everytime they sat on the potty they got one and if they did anything on there they got two. Worked well.

mazzystartled Sun 04-Jan-09 14:47:37

its only for a week or two

if they are a little older you can use stickers per successful visit, earn 20 and you get a duplo fire engine[in ds case]/dolly/random pink item

smaller ones need more instant incentivisation/gratification - would much whooping applauding and clapping cut it for her?

Mercy Sun 04-Jan-09 14:51:48

As others say, it doesn't last for too long so don't worry. Dd preferred stickers actually!

I'd also wait unti Spring or Summer - ime the older they are the faster they learn

StayFrosty Sun 04-Jan-09 14:51:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

melpomene Sun 04-Jan-09 14:51:58

We used stickers. Dds were naked from the waist down most of the time in the first few days, and a got a sticker on their T shirt every time they did a wee on the potty. DD1 got it cracked on day 3; she was pleased as punch every time she got a sticker and by the end of the day she has 19 stickers on her T shirt

melpomene Sun 04-Jan-09 14:53:58

And having read your post again, I agree about waiting a few months.

littleducks Sun 04-Jan-09 15:02:14

dd was ready to be potty traines at 22/23 months but i waited until summer (ds being due in march clinched it) and trained in the july/aug at 2.2 as it was so much easier to get laundry dry her to wear less etc.

rempy Sun 04-Jan-09 20:15:32

OK, later it is. Hopefully wont have to fend off too many "get on with it" comments from grandparents.

RhinestoneCowgirl Sun 04-Jan-09 20:22:57

I left DS to it, and he decided about 6 weeks ago that he didn't want to wear nappies anymore. He weed on the floor once and we suggested he might want to use the potty in future. He's been going on the potty ever since (lots of whooping and cheering to start with, no buttons required). He's had the odd wet accident when preoccupied playing, but mostly seems to be able to hold it.

He was 2yrs 4months when he did this - I was happy to leave him longer as I was heavily pg at the time but he really seemed keen. 23 months seems pretty young to me, and it's not really anyone else's business when you do it.

blowninonabreeze Sun 04-Jan-09 20:29:02

Personally I'd wait - especially with the sleep issues too. Wait until you're well equipped for it as well as DD and you're not well equipped if you're tired.

FWIW DD1 had a short (24 hour) attempt at 2.3 (when DD2 was 3 months) but DH and I were knackered due to sleep problems with DD2. So we abandoned. Tried again at 2.5 and it took 48 hours. We only had 3 accidents in total.

We didn't use chocolate - she was happy with stickers. Just wait until she's ready

Littlefish Sun 04-Jan-09 20:42:00

Wait until she's a bit older. dd was 2 yrs 9 months and cracked it 3 days. After a week I told her that it was her last day of chocolate buttons. She did 14 wees that day! Just a teaspoonfull each time, just so she could get the most out of the chocolate on offer. smile

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