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Won't poo on toilet

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Shazzler Mon 28-Mar-05 21:07:15

My dd is nearly 19mths and has done so well with weeing on the toilet that I put her in pants.

One slight problem :0 she has not pooed in the toilet. She did have two scares when she found it difficult to poo and the only way I could help was to put her on the toilet and basically pull it out . I know that she usually poos in the afternoon and so have been putting her in pull ups then but I'm not sure how to
encourage her to poo on the toilet.

I know she is young so I am not too worried but it can get messy if I don't get my timing right!

My ds was potty trained at 19mths and did not seem to have this problem.

Any ideas?

gingernut Mon 28-Mar-05 21:18:17

My ds1 had a similar problem, and I was reassured by the nursery that they often master wees a couple of months before poos, which has turned out to be the case for ds.

The way we (well, he really) finally cracked it was just by me plonking him on the loo when I thought he might be ready to do one (straight after a meal) and reading to him, and he just did one. Still plenty of accidents since but things are improving a lot. He is a lot older than your dd though (3y3m) so is at an age when we can explain things to him, and we have used a star chart which your dd may be a bit young for.

Is she constipated or does she have to strain a lot to go? If so, that might well make things worse and I'd suggest working on getting her going more readily (even if it is messy). After all, if you know when she's going to go, and it's easy for her and not a strain, then you can just put her on the loo at the right time, and once she's done one she might get the idea. One tip I have seen is to put a nappy over a potty for them to poo into - this might work if she's scared of doing it into an empty space IYSWIM.

Shazzler Mon 28-Mar-05 21:27:48

Thanks for reply.

She was only constipated the twice. The second time was when I was potty training and she didn't poo for two days because she was holding off doing it I think.

I have really made a fuss of her when she has even done a tiny poo in the toilet. She then went on to poo in her pants!

I did hear of the nappy in the potty but she doesn't use the potty now, just the toilet. Think I will just try to put her on toilet and keep her on there with a book. Glad we have under floor heating!

vickyD Tue 29-Mar-05 20:09:57

My dd refuses to poo on the toilet or potty. She is now 25 months and has been potty trained for about 3 months, but she saves it up for nighttime when she has a nappy on at night and does it in the middle of the night! When I think about it ds also did it, but used to poo first thing in the am. It wasn't until he was dry at night that he started pooing on the toilet!

pungy Tue 29-Mar-05 20:25:47

have a just two year old and starting to think about potty training. Fairly sure he is not ready yet but thought I should start to read up on how to tackle this new adventure! Anyone suggest any useful guides / books on this topic?

Shazzler Fri 15-Apr-05 15:47:38

Thought I would resurrect this thread because my dd again struggled with a poo that I had to pull out when she was on the toilet.

I'm sure this will put her off pooing on the toilet again for a while. Should I use lactalose(spelling!) for a while so this doesn't happen.

She is excellent with her wees so don't want to go back to nappies as I feel this would be a backwards step.

Shazzler Fri 15-Apr-05 16:13:29

Just phoned DR and he said "watch her diet" to me and "not to worry about potty training".

I'm not worrying about potty training but don't want her to suffer when she needs to poo. Any ideas from anyone a bit more sympathetic than our GP.

Melanie75 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:21:35

Hi Shazzler,

DD also had the same. The peeing part came easy, but the poohing was more a challenge!

How we finally tackled it was leaving her with no pants on - for some reason, she did not like pooing on the carpet (thank god!!!) and made a beeline for the potty! We also got to know when she needed and put the potty in easy reach for her.

Hope this might help.

Shazzler Fri 15-Apr-05 16:36:05

Thanks. I have tried that. That's how I started to train her and that was when she started to hold it in.
I was just getting to know when she was pooing and she nearly did a poo on the potty at the beginning of this week but then I had to go away for 2 days and she stayed at MIL.
My MIL is brilliant but because I know what to watch for I think this has put her back a bit.
Never mind I can only try. She is still young.

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