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Still Not Potty Trained 29month DD

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Corky Sun 27-Mar-05 20:57:44

Not sure whether to be worried about this or not, but my DD is still in nappies approaching 2 1/2 and not at all bothered about this fact. I've tried sitting her on the toilet and potty and she does try and do wees and sometimes she does and sometimes she just 'blows off' from the effort! I've also tried putting pants on her (so she knows what it feels like to be wet) and she's so excited about the pants and I ask her to tell me when she needs a wee, but she just wees on the floor and tells me afterwards that she's weed on the floor. I've tried taking her to the toilet every 15/20 mins when she's got pants on and this just annoys her and she won't sit on the toilet/potty.

I've also just had my 2nd baby who's a month old so know the timing is bad and to be honest I haven't got the time to chase her round the house or take her to the toilet.

I guess I was concerned after the teacher at her nursery said she was one of the only children still in nappies (not nastily or anything). My dd just hasn't been interested or ever done anything on the toilet/potty (up until last couple of months) when I've tried. I thought girls were supposed to be dry quite early on?

Do you think I should be forcing the issue or just wait a few months until the summer and try then?

Hulababy Sun 27-Mar-05 20:59:04

Don't worry it about her age at all. Friend's DS wasn't PTd until well after 3 - and even then it took a few months to get it all sorted out.

mummylonglegs Sun 27-Mar-05 21:52:30

I'm just potty training dd now at 2 1/2 and wondering whether or not she's really 'getting it.' However, I'm quite surprised by what your nursery teacher says because I thought a lot of children weren't ready until closer to 3, especially boys ...

Pinotmum Sun 27-Mar-05 21:57:06

I would say it's not just the child but the parent doing the training that needs to be ready. For various reasons including a small baby my dd wasn't trained till 2y 8mo and then it was quick - she was dry in a couple of days and clean in a week. If you don't feel ready then leave it till you do. I trained ds at xmas only to have him totally regress when he started play group. He was 2y 2mo and obviously too young. I'm trying again at the moment but not going to stress about it.

piffle Sun 27-Mar-05 22:05:23

my dd 29 mths is the same although she has started telling me before she poos and she has asked to use the loo and then wee'd once or twice
I'm leaving it til she begs to be allowed on the loo, I did this with ym son around 33 mths and he was dry day and night within 2 weeks.
Just wait, it really depends on the child to be honest - they let you know

ionesmum Sun 27-Mar-05 22:15:46

My dd didn't train until she was three. She was the only one at pre-school in nappies. I wasn't bothered - like you I have a little one so didn't need the hassle! She was dry in a week and I'm so glad that we waited until she was ready.

Cod Sun 27-Mar-05 22:16:24

Message withdrawn

ladymuck Sun 27-Mar-05 22:19:29

If you've just had a baby and don't feel ready then hang on for a bit. The first week or so can be intensive. You don't need the hassle (2 in nappies isn't that difficult and a lot easier than having to clean up round the house), and baby will be easier in time.

FAYEKB Mon 28-Mar-05 14:51:36

I really don't think you should be worring at all.
my son is 4.5 and is still in nappies ( for poohs ) I've tried everything, bribing, telling him his friends don't wear them( his reply is well I do) he's seen the doctor, who says he'll do it in his own time, I've even tried just saying no when he brings the nappy for pooh time, he went 6 days without a pooh, and eventually made himself so sick with crying i just gave in,I have asked him why he won't go on the toilet or potty, and he says it's too scarey!He sometimes sits on the toilet for up to two hours and it just does not happen. It was and still is the most stressfull thing ever, and he starts school in Jan 06. so believe me when I say 2 and a half is nothing. Im now desperate !!! (sad)

lisa34 Mon 28-Mar-05 14:58:28

Please don't worry my ds was 3.5 and at nursery before he came out of nappies - and that was his own choice - he has difficulty going to the toilet for a poo and can hold onto it for a least a week - he is doing really well and hasn't wet the bed once during the night - just let dd do it in her own time - she will know when she is ready especially when she sees all her friends going the toilet

feelingold Tue 29-Mar-05 09:48:53

My dd was almost 3 and had no interest at all in potty training but was due to start a pre-school where they had to be out of nappies so I showed her the place where the nappies were kept and told her that when the few nappies were gone that were in there I could not get them anymore because they did not make them in her large size anymore. I also put up a simple sticker chart in the bathroom and told her that everytime she used the toilet (with a child seat on it cos she hated the potty) she would get a sticker and when the chart was full I would take her to her favourite local bookshop where she could choose a new book (books are her favourite thing). We spend most of the weekend in the bathroom, and the sticker chart was soon full, but within about 4 days she was fully trained and we have only ever had a couple of accidents whilst out.
This plan was cooked up by myself and my health visitor and will only work for the older kids as they need to understand the reward system, but we felt that by this age she was able and ready to do it and when they are ready they adapt very quickly. Also it needs to be done at a time when you can spend a few days at home so that the bathroom and the sticker chart are close by.
Good luck.

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