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HELP HELP. Potty training for 7 months and still poo problems

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TreeHuggerMum1 Sun 28-Dec-08 10:15:39

I started potty training in May and my son picked up doing his wees on the potty or toilet no problems at all hence why I don't want to use pull up pants.
He is however still refusing to poo on the loo or potty and does it in his pants (usually hiding somehwere as hes doing it). He is over 3 and very intelligent and quick for his age, he does know that he is doing it and will occasionally with blackmail (and if we get him at the right time) go on the loo or potty but this is very few and far between.
Help. I am pregnant with child number 2 and my son starts nursery in a week and I am concerned they may find him a difficult child which he is definately not. I have no other problems with him at all and he is genuinely a nice child but I cannot get to the bottom of this so all advice is welcome.
Thank you.

poops Sun 28-Dec-08 10:22:20

My son was very similar and really did not like going on the toilet or potty..... so I would put a nappy on him when he needed to poo... he would ask for a nappy.... but over time he got more comfortable with the potty lots of praise! I just ignored the nappy thing... and never praised him when he did a poo in his nappy just cleaned him up and said nothing..... eventually he started on the loo and got stars, praise etc... also he wanted to be alone to do a poo but didnt like sitting on the potty. Just takes time..... also nursery wil help... because they are all doing it on the loo, and it would be rare for him to poo at nursey, he will save it all for you when he gets home!

yawningmonster Sun 28-Dec-08 10:29:01

I don't know if it will help but I used a method suggested by another mner. I told my ds about sneaky poo and how sneaky poo tries to sneak into little boys and girls pants when they least expect it. Some little boys and girls are very clever though and they trick that old sneaky poo and make him go into the toilet and doesn't that poo get such a surprise. DS loved this concept and went from absolute refusal to go near a toilet to do a poo to pretty much overnight success.

poops Sun 28-Dec-08 14:20:12

Love it great! sneaky old poo..... My son would have liked that too!

TreeHuggerMum1 Wed 31-Dec-08 07:57:42

Thanks both, its good to know that I am not the only one aswell...

JollyPirate Wed 31-Dec-08 08:28:02

My DS was exactly the same as this and insisted on a nappy when wanting to poo despite being dry with no problems. It's more common in boys apparently. In the end we just went along with it. DS's nursery were great and took him to the toilet along with his best friend of the time so that he could see other children poo in the loo etc. This is what did it - he returned home from nursey one day (aged 4 yrs and 5 months I think) and simply announced "I am going to do a poo on the toilet like my friend Harvey does" and he did - we never looked back. So nursery are likely to have seen it all before, won't label your DS as "difficult" and may even be able to help.

suseplus4 Fri 24-Jun-11 11:53:49

I am at my wits end with nearly three yr old daughter. She has been very reluctant to use the potty. We have finally cracked weeing in the potty but she will only poo in her pants or in her night time nappy. She will not go near the toilet atall. She is due to start school in September, young as she has a summer birthday and I am frantic that she will not use the loo. I have three other children and have never had this problem before.....anyone got an idea how to crack this ?xx

suseplus4 Fri 24-Jun-11 11:55:12

OOps She is nearly four, not three! I am obviously new at this!

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