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back to wetting the bed at night - any suggestions?

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ataraxmas Wed 24-Dec-08 08:08:14

DS2 (nearly 4) has been day potty trained for nearly a year. He has desperately wanted not to have pull ups on at night, so I agreed that if he went 3 nights without weeing we would try it. He did this after a couple of weeks, and then went dry through the night for about 3 weeks. The last week or so though, he has been wetting the bed every night (at various times, sometimes around 3am, sometimes (I think) just before he gets up in the morning). Any suggestions on how to stop this again or do you think it is just Christmas/excitement/general tiredness etc?

PuzzYuleLogs Wed 24-Dec-08 09:49:35


NAB3hundredChristmaslights Wed 24-Dec-08 09:52:52

My 7 year old was wet last night. I am assuming excitement of Christmas and he has also been wet night before school starts, etc. He was late getting dry at night though to start with.

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