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Thinking about going back to washables?

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chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 16:06:54

Hello. Not really sure what I am expecting to get out of posting her, I guess personal experiences etc.

Basically, we started off using washables with DD1 but by the time she was about 6 months, ended up using disposables. She is now just about to turn 1 and we have second baby DD2 due in April. I am thinking about trying one size washables so that I only have one set of Nappies, all the same size etc.

But I am a bit concerned that if I didn't get on with them the first time, we won't again.

Our main problems were:
- They were SO bulky to take out in nappy bag
- I got behind with my other washing as the nappies were always taking up the machine
- Too bulky at night time if I padded enough to stop her leaking
- Didn't get the support from DH and family who were always putting a downer on them which eventually convinced me to stop.
- We couldn't afford to spend much so had mostly ones from freecycle or cheapy online ones, so most were very worn and had so many different types, DH used to get confused hmm.
- None of DDs clothes fitted properly over them - this was a big issuse really TBH.

One of the nappies I got on with best were the Onelife onesize nappies, which I think are the same as the Motherease onesize? Thinking if I can get some of these fairly cheap we might be ok? But how the hell do I convince DH who hated them from the start? And he would always get out of doing DDs nappy when she was in washables, but since being in disposables he has done more than his fair share.

So confusing!

HensMum Mon 22-Dec-08 16:21:52

You don't have to use re-usables all the time. You could use disposables at night, when out and about, when you want DH to change the nappy etc.
If you are looking for a one-size, non-bulky nappy, I really like Bumgenius. They are really quick to dry too and easy to put on - I bought a few for DS to use at nursery for that reason, they're just like disposables. They are expensive though (about £15 each).

SleighGirl Mon 22-Dec-08 16:25:52

Look at the easy peasy website at their nappy called the eco-bumble, only £3 each then just add your own stuffing. They are nippa fastening so are really trim on a decent sized newborn and really do fit up to potty training - obviously you have to add more absorbancy as they get bigger.

I did this combo which is great because you can take the nappies out with you and use on either child. I also carried a spare disposable each just in case.

I only washed when I had a full wash load, did it in the evening, left the to dry overnight - just used it as a routine and found it okay.

chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 16:27:05

To be honest, using them "part time" at home etc is what led to them being made redundant! It made us very lazy and they just sort of eventually didn't get used anymore.

The Bumgenious sound good. Can't afford £15 each though! sad. Do they last well? Might I get some good second hand ones?

chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 16:29:11

Sorry x posted.

They sound good sleigh girl. Will go and have a look now!

SleighGirl Mon 22-Dec-08 16:30:57

easypeasy range

My dh could only cope with having one kind too. Bumble was the only nappy that could cope with my large super power weeing toddler!

Fast drying as well.

I used disposables overnight tbh

chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 16:53:16

Thanks for that. They do look good. Are the wraps that come in the set any good?

They do a birth to potty set of 15 Nappies and 6 wraps. Are the wraps onesize too or is that a variety of sizes? I know DD now wouldn't go through many wraps but I remember her as a newborn (Breastfed for 8 months) would just leak onto the wrap all the time so needed quite a few.

chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 16:54:54

Could probably make do with the wraps that we have actually to be honest, but as they were second hand, they were loosing their waterproof etc.

SleighGirl Mon 22-Dec-08 16:57:35

I don't know about the wraps, ask them what they are. I ended up using motherease airflow/popoline vento as they really are the most reliable and most adjutable by far.

You could just buy the eco bumbles, do you have anything left to stuff with? If not I'd look at getting regular bumbles, I used them without the boost on a newborn, then with a thin flanelette kushies type booster (or a cheapy flannel) as they got a big bigger then went up to the full snap in booster.

Will go look at the websit again.

The bamboo nappies are very slim fitting too (can't think of the make at the minute) but they take ages to dry unless you tumble them.

chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 17:07:11

I have some boosters etc somewhere in the loft. In fact, I have loads. Not snap in ones or anything though.

I am happy to use a disposable at night to avoid heavy boosting.

I have just remembered I have some good thin nappies which were mothercare ones, very old, from freecycle, but they were great for when DD was small. It was actually when she grew out of them we stopped using washables. So could use them on the newborn when at home. But would still be able to use onesize in the nappy bag and for DD1.

chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 17:42:16

Right, I think I completly mis understood the whole eco nappy thing. Are they a pocket nappy? I didn't realise this blush. I thought they were a normal shaped nappy and you were just saying to use boosters for when they got older. opps!

The pocket nappies I had before, I tried using a prefold as the stuffing, (I have hundred of prefolds I have been trying to shift!) but it didn't work properly, as it was meant to be the exact shape of the nappy and come all the way up each side.

BUT they were very different as they were not terry material, they had pull outter and fleece inner so might be different

chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 17:42:41

Mommys touch I think they were called? One size pockets?

SleighGirl Mon 22-Dec-08 19:29:09

No they are not pocket nappies they are a shaped nappy that has a removable insert. So like the one life nappies have a snap ON booster these have a snap IN booster, but they also have a sewn on fleece liner so there is a pocket to but the boosting in IYSWIM. You need a completely seperate wrap for them.

You could easily use prefolds to boost them with. I could never get on with pocket nappies either - wee leaked out everywhere even when using the correct shaped inserts!

Does that make sense?

chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 19:45:38

Yes that makes sense! It was the website that confused me a bit! That is good as I wouldn't need to buy any boosters or anything from the sounds of it. Think I might buy a set of the nappies now to try out and then if we get on with them, get some more when the baby is born, after I have sorted through what I have got. Most of the nappies are up in the loft with the newborn clothes etc so will get them all down at some point after Christmas for a good sort through. Think I will sell/freecycle some of the old ones that I didn't get on with to create some money/space for the new ones!

Just so I know what sizes to keep, do you think that even for a toddler, a small size prefold would do in these nappies? Or do I need to save some large ones too?

Thanks for your advise, it is a big help. smile

SleighGirl Mon 22-Dec-08 19:50:28

hmmmm I'm not sure, you could possible use 2 small pre-folds or one small pre-fold & some other booster you already have!

For one of my toddlers I needed the boosters they cam with plus another one during the day, for the other 2 just the normal booster which is 3 layers of terry was sufficient.

I'd hang onto your booster & prefolds for now tbh

SleighGirl Mon 22-Dec-08 19:53:09

actually as the eco bumble as some absorbancy on it's own I reckon for most toddlers a small prefold would be sufficient.

chloemegjess Mon 22-Dec-08 19:57:12

The big ones just take up so much space! I have SO many though, so might get rid of some but still keep enough incase i need them.

marshabourbon Tue 23-Dec-08 15:53:09

have you looked at ? there are a few second hand sites for nappies, also check to see if your council offers any incentives, has quite an extensive list of the incentives offered

chloemegjess Tue 23-Dec-08 18:09:58

thank you, will have a look

needaholiday Tue 30-Dec-08 19:07:13

you could try a budget nappy from the cloth nappy shop on here I've heard theyre pretty slim fitting and you can boost as much or as little as you like.

Otherwise try itti bittis- they're teeny tiny slim fit nappies.

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