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What to do with a child who "NEEDS A WEEWEE!" every 34 seconds, but will then...

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bohemianbint Wed 17-Dec-08 13:31:38

sneak off and poo their pants without telling you?

DS1 driving me mental. He trained nearly 3 weeks ago and took to it brilliantly, but I think he's a bit scared of pooing? No problem on the whole with wees but will either poo overnight in nappy or at lunchtime in pull ups or real pants.

I suppose this is two seperate issues really - I've just put him down for a nap, and every , literally every two minutes he says he wants a wee, so I go in. And he doesn't. I don't want to call him a liar, but I have another child and a shedload of stuff to do and I can't be running up and down the stairs aevery two minutes for no reason. Am tempted to leave him to it and just let him wee himself but I gather that's not the spirit!?

bohemianbint Wed 17-Dec-08 13:32:48

He's 2 and 4 months by the way. smile

compo Wed 17-Dec-08 13:36:00

I would get him up, he's obviously not in a napping mood! my 2 .4 yr old gave up her nap 4 months ago envy

bohemianbint Wed 17-Dec-08 13:42:18's a really tricky patch, where he won't go down at lunchtime but can't make it through the day without having a meltdown about 4pm. Was actually going to post about this as well! It's tough, this childrearing eh?

PinkPoinsettias Wed 17-Dec-08 13:47:46

my ds is the same age and only naps about once a week.... quite possible it's just a ploy to get you up there as he's not tired.

apparently boys can sometimes be a bit weird about pooing... not sure why but alot of people i know have said their ds's were scared of pooing when they first potty trained, haven't done it yet with ds though so not actually any useful advice to give you!

bohemianbint Wed 17-Dec-08 13:47:52

Not just lunchtime though, it's out and about, shopping, in the car, anytime he thinks he's not getting enough attention or doesn't like what we're doing.

bohemianbint Wed 17-Dec-08 13:49:35

Interesting,PinkPoinsettias - he was ok to begin with be now hates it and screams blue murder when he actually does go for it, like it really hurts. Very odd.

NellyTheElephant Wed 17-Dec-08 14:06:38

Not sure about the pooing problem to be honest, I think you just have to watch him like a hawk and if you see him doing it then whisk him to the potty, then ply with loads of chocolate etc even if most of poo went in pants and just a bit in the potty.

Re lunch time naps, I'd suggest putting him to bed with no bottoms on at all and the potty in the room and if he says he needs a wee point to the potty and remind him you've left it there for him. I had this with DD1 who always would poo in her nappy at nap time if she had a chance (although she was generally fine about pooing in the potty). I decided enough was enough and stopped the nappy. We had one day which was a big mess (wee and poo in bed - YUCK!!!) but she NEVER did that again, she was utterly horrified!!

bohemianbint Wed 17-Dec-08 15:06:26

And more poo again.

I think we might accept that the naps are now over [despair emoticon], or try you suggestion Nelly. Thanks!

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