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Potty Training...where do I start?

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Juliehafrancis Mon 21-Mar-05 18:49:02

I am hoping some mumnetters can shed some light on this terrifying next step!

We have been told by our doctor that my little girl now 2 1/2 should start potty training as this may help her severe constipation.

So what do I need?
Which potty have you found is best?
What tips/tricks can you give me?

Did you do night training as well as day training at the same time as my little girl is in a cot still and if she is night training she is going to need to get out of her cot isn't she?

Advice throughly appreciated!

Thank you,


Juliehafrancis Mon 21-Mar-05 23:08:45


Hulababy Mon 21-Mar-05 23:12:54

I would definitely recoommend a comfortable potty chair - Mothercare do them for £10. Much comfier for little bottoms.

Stickers as an immeidate reward. We put them directly onto the potty for a very visual impact.

DD had a bit of an issue with doing a poo n her potty at first, but this was qu=ickly solved with chocolate button rewards - just a couple each time she managed it (and stopping all other chocolate during that time). Not everyone will agree with that though, but it worked for us.

And go cold trukey. Once the nappy is off, it stays off.

And baggy pants - easy to pull up and down in a hurry.

We did PT when DD was 24 months old - and she was dry by day 3. But she is now almost 3 and we still haven't tackled night time training. Some people find it follows on as a natural progression; others don't.

I kept a PT diary on MN somewhere when we did it, nearly a year ago.

Juliehafrancis Wed 23-Mar-05 13:33:17

Bump! Any more advice?

hayleylou Wed 23-Mar-05 13:38:39

I have just started to potty train, ds is 2.4 and can wee in potty bit has some accidents but we have also got a sticker chart on the wall and every timme he uses teh potty I go overboard with clapping etc and then we both take potty to the toilet and say bye bye wee wee. I got this idea from a child potty training book. DS loved the book and thats how he started to taike interest in using teh potty

dropinthe Wed 23-Mar-05 13:42:55

Try taking another potty out with you and plenty of spare clothes. Make a big thing of going out to buy special pants and praise,praise,praise!
And ditto on once youve started dont do back however horrible it gets!!
Good luck!

Fran1 Wed 23-Mar-05 13:43:07

You may want to get the potty first, and let her get used to it and what its for. Keep it next to your toilet, and suggest she sits on it whenever you go to wee. Then jump and woop with joy when she does a wee in it to show she's done the right thing.
Really try and keep laid back, let her lead the way. A child can easily be put off if they are bugged all the time about using the potty.
once dd was showing signs that she knew in advance that she needed a wee. I kept a potty nearby whatever room we were in. Reminded her to use it every now and then, and gave loads of praise when she did use it.

DixiExpat Sat 26-Mar-05 13:57:26

My daughter Aislinn is 18 months old, her older sister wasn't potty trained until she was 2.6
Aislinn has began squatting to wet her nappy and tries to take it straight off. I feel it may be too early to try and potty train her, but does anyone think it would be premature to buy a chair for her to put in the bathroom for her to get accustomed to having it around?

I know Summer would be the ideal time to train her, but again she won't even be 2 until September, I had imagined it would be next Summer before we were all out training her.
With my oldest daughter I waited until she had dry nights.

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