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Potty Training

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TrinaJ Thu 17-Mar-05 09:31:32

I've been potty training for a couple of weeks now, but still my daughter ( 26 months ) persists in doing a poo in her pants. She'll sit on the potty anything from 20 seconds to 20 mins !! but as soon as she gets up she does it in her pants! even if I try sitting her back down again. I'm getting so frustrated , as she has mastered a wee easily .
Also is it wise to still use pull ups when out of the house for any length of time, without easy access to a toilet?

nnosam Thu 17-Mar-05 09:43:07

i read somewhere that if they wont do a poo on the potty or loo, then once they have done so in pants or nappy, get them to help you empty it in the loo and let them flush the loo, its surpose to encourge them to do it in the pot or loo.
will try and find the web site i got it off...

nnosam Thu 17-Mar-05 09:49:37

cant find the web page, you could try the pampers or hugggys web sites for info.. hth

MrsBigD Thu 17-Mar-05 10:20:22

If it's any consolation... you're not alone.
I did a similar post when dd was 2.5y and now she's 3 and still blatantly refuses to do a no. 2 in the loo/potty. All I get from her is 'I can't do it in the toilet'... tried every trick suggested to me but nothing worked. I'm even so cruel to say to her when she complains that her 'bits' hurt that if she'd go poopoo on the toilet they wouldn't...

so now I'm waiting for the weather to get warmer so she can run round starkers... maybe if there's no clothes barrier she will do it iykwim

It's ever so frustrating though!

coldtea Thu 17-Mar-05 10:24:40

I know some children find this a real struggle. My nephew will be 4 next week & will still ask for a nappy when he needs to do a poo. Sorry i don't have any advice & i know it's frustrating but her health visitor insists it's something he will grow out of. He has been dry since 2.3yrs & is also dry at night , so who knows why he won't poo??

I'll watch this thread with interest though & see if i can pick up any tips for my sister!

mumsyof4 Thu 17-Mar-05 14:47:54

Hi my dd is 2 years 8 mths been pottying for 3 weeks.Wees in pot or toilet just fine if anything she will not go for ages and gets annoyed with me for keep asking.As for the dreaded Poos well first week it was in her knicks second week she did a couple in the pot and now she dont go at all and I have had to put her on lactulose.Saw Dr yesterday and she had the same probs with her dd so all us mums are equal in the potty training stakes.Hang in there its got to come right in the end.

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