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Your best nappy rash remedy?? DS is bleeding and sore and breaking my heart

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Pillow Mon 17-Nov-08 22:33:23

I am using metanium. Hate hate hate it because it doesn't wash off my hands but it has always worked in the past. Not working anymore it seems and poor ds has a bleeding sore bum and i need to sort it out. Is there anything better? He's teething and has a cold so we are having HUGE fun chez Pillow....

CarGirl Mon 17-Nov-08 22:35:02

get Sprilon spray I've had for dds on pescription before but you can buy it. It's designed for bed sores to stop urine and faeces getting on them. It's very light, you don't have to touch the nappy rash to apply it etc The best thing ever!

PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Mon 17-Nov-08 22:35:30

sad Zinc an caster oil worked for ds. You should take him to the GP though if his bum's beeding. The wounds can get infected from the nappy contents. Keep the nappy off as much as you can. Is is thrush?

sleepycat Mon 17-Nov-08 22:35:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lionstar Mon 17-Nov-08 22:37:05

Someone told me the egg white theory the other day - and swore by it. Not sure if Id be brave enough to try, but if desperate enough?

Ronaldinhio Mon 17-Nov-08 22:37:08

when things were really bad for my dd1 it was thrush and canesten cleared it up really really quickly

it's so not nice

MintChocAddict Mon 17-Nov-08 22:37:09

Have you tried Bepanthen? If DS is particularly sore I coat him fairly thickly with it and it's noticeably much better by the next day.

Pannacotta Mon 17-Nov-08 22:38:17

Poor thing.
I have always found the Weleda Calendula nappy change cream is the best, it is very very rich, easy to wash off but soothes a very sore nappy rash better than anything else.
But I think I woudl also take hime to the GP for a bleeding bottom, that must be very sore.

Pillow Mon 17-Nov-08 22:40:38

Thanks ladies. The Srilon spray sounds like something i should get. And I always mean to do naked bum but get worried about him being without a nappy. The floor is less important than his bum. Repeat, Pillow...

CJMommy Mon 17-Nov-08 22:40:40

Have tried egg white - it works.

Try mixing some metanium with some vaseline and then appling to your litle ones bottom - do this every nappy change and clean with cotton wool and warm water each time as opposed to wipes. I find the rash clears up in 48 hours with this method.

If this fails, go to GP and ask for Cavilon cream, apply each nappy change - it is wonderful stuff!

MERLYPUSS Mon 17-Nov-08 23:01:30

Wash his bum with a bicarb solution with a clean face cloth, one teaspoon to a mug of warm water. Allow to air dry. Dont use baby wipes.
It clears nappy rash up in a day (mine never had thrush so not sure if it will clear that).
I know I will be quoted all over this forum with the bicarb trick but it is fab.

LynetteScavo Mon 17-Nov-08 23:14:27

Bepanthen is magic.

Egg white isn't generally advised, due to salmonella - do eggs still have salmonella?

breaghsmum Mon 17-Nov-08 23:28:49

bath him every day with a few drops lavender oil, nappy off as much as poss, when changing nappy wash only with warm water mixed with couple drops of tea tree, apply aloe vera gel or vaseline to soothe and act as barrier. my LO had similar for a long time till my mum suggested this. 2 days and it was gone.

bb99 Mon 17-Nov-08 23:36:41

Can you have much bare bum time. That was the only thing that really worked for DS when he had teething nappy rash. I used to keep him wrapped (nether regions) in a couple of muslins tied at his hips by the corners IYSWIM, to make a really loose nappy, which conatained most offensive spillages...

LuckySalem Mon 17-Nov-08 23:40:24

No nappy time. I swear by this.

DD had a VERY bad nappy rash once - she was bleeding, it stung when she went for a wee so we left her without a nappy all day (let her sleep on a floor pad thingy) and that night it was better so we bathed her and put her to bed in a nappy & sudocreme. Next day naked again, then bath, nappy and creme and I swear the 3rd day all better. Although we did keep her nappyless for most of the day just in case

Poor little soul.

AnnVan Tue 18-Nov-08 13:51:39

Well a remedy my mum swears by is cornflour. Put cornflour on it. My sister's friend's DD had severe nappy rash she couldn't get rid of, and tried it and said it worked like a charm.

THUM Tue 18-Nov-08 13:54:15

Fullers earth cream works for us. DD very rarely gets nappy rash, Has a slight one atm due to a D&V bug but not very bad.

Hope your ds is better soon.

doggiesayswoof Tue 18-Nov-08 13:55:23

Bepanthen bepanthen bepanthen

And no baby wipes - water/cotton wool only.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Tue 18-Nov-08 13:55:42

Do take her to the doctor to check it isn't thrush. The only time any of mine had nappy rash that wouldn't clear up, it turned out to be thrush.

jamescagney Tue 18-Nov-08 13:56:06

CanI recommend that you let your little one sit in the sink/plastic basin in warm water with bicarb every nappy change that you can. Pat dry and smooth onBepanthen if you have it.
I put Manuka honey on my little one's bum and she was much better by the next nappy change..

Beachcomber Tue 18-Nov-08 14:02:12

I second the honey. Also checking for thrush.

FattipuffsandThinnifers Tue 18-Nov-08 14:56:31

Poor DS sad. Mine has had this too. Saw a dr who said it was thrush, gave him canestan which made no difference, then took him back and a different dr prescribed metanium. I know you say it hasn't worked this time, but it was the only thing that helped with my ds (I had tried everything else). It is most effective if you wash the bum first then let it dry completely. Yes, nappy-off time (for as long as possible) is the way forward too I'm afraid. Then a very thin layer of metanium.

Hope it gets better soon.

nappyaddict Tue 18-Nov-08 23:22:03

morhulin or the antiseptic bepanthen here.

Jacksmama Tue 18-Nov-08 23:24:34

SUDOCREM!!! It only takes a little but when DS's little bum was as red as a baboon's butt I slathered it on and it was better in 24 hours.

Pillow Wed 19-Nov-08 23:05:46

Nappyaddict, is there a different bepanthen with antiseptic in? I don't know morhulin.

I got CarGirl's recommendation of Sprilon spray but my pharmacist had to order so the first time of trying is tonight. Have also been doing lavender oil and tea tree oil and nappy off time and other recommendations.

I was convinced it was teething (and i still think that) but does anyone notice any difference with one type of nappy versus another? I think the nursery are using a different type than we do. DH has checked the nappy change schedule thing and they are changing him often. I just wonder if hes also having a bit of a reaction to the nappy. I loved pampers sensitive but they suddenly stopped selling them.

Thanks everyone.

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