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Right am going to go for it - what do I buy?

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sweetkitty Tue 15-Mar-05 11:10:27

Have decided to use washable nappies after about 3 weeks of deliberation. Think we will start off with 2 x ME wraps, 3 X ME one size, 2 x totsbots, 1 x ME AIO plus paper liners to begin with.

What do people think of this as a starting point for cloth nappies?

Other points:

DD is nearly 8 months but only about 17lbs not that chunky around thighs.
we live in a flat right now with only radiators/clothes horse for drying but will be moving to house soon with line drying and a tumble drier
hope to start with paper liners at first then switch to fleece later
anything else I should think about?

JoolsToo Tue 15-Mar-05 11:12:46

blimey - I didn't buy anything but a potty and a few pairs of trainer pants!

Beansmum Tue 15-Mar-05 11:18:29

I have only just switched to reusable so I'm just getting used to them but this is what I bought,

10 totsbots nappies, 2 fleece wraps, 2 tots wraps, 10 fleece liners, 2 boosters.

I don't have a tumble drier, just a washing line and radiators, but haven't had any trouble getting stuff dry, the fleece liners dry in about 2 mins on the radiator and the nappies usually dry overnight.

sweetkitty Tue 15-Mar-05 11:39:43

beansmum whats the difference between fleece wraps and tots wraps

how are you getting on with the fleece liners I'm a bit scared on these dunno it just seems easier to flush the whole thing down the toilet

I don't want to buy too much to start off with as I might not get on with them and with the move coming up too I think I'll be using mostly disposables until we are settled.

KVG Tue 15-Mar-05 11:45:21

Message withdrawn

Beansmum Tue 15-Mar-05 11:45:24

fleece wraps are more breathable so I use them at night when he's going to be in the same nappy for ages, the totsbots wraps are that plasticky waterproof stuff and I use them during the day, one wrap lasts all day. the liners are fine, just tip any poo down the toilet. If they are really dirty you can rinse them by holding them in the loo and flushing it. it's a bit annoying when i'm out and I have to find a changing room with a loo in it but luckily most places I go have them anyway.

sweetkitty Tue 15-Mar-05 12:01:28

thanks I have been on the nappyladys website theres just too much to choose from and they are all so cute

KVG you sound addicted already!!

flamesparrow Tue 15-Mar-05 12:06:07

I think maybe at least one more wrap... if you have any dodgy poo that comes out the nappy onto the wrap, and your other wrap is still wet, then it could cause problems.

I never got round to trying fleece for night, but want to next time.

Also - tots take a long time to dry, so maybe another nappy depending on how long the others take...?

gingerbear Tue 15-Mar-05 12:08:29

paper liners displace easily, fleece stay put and are more comfy.

How many times a day do you change her now? (My memory is poor -DD is potty trained now, so 8 months old seems a life time ago!)

I had 10 motherease and 10 Tots and 3 wraps. To be honest this was too many. I used motherease from birth and switched to tots later as I preferred them (better nighttime nappy too)
My rule of thumb would be - one clean set per day, one set soaking/dry pailing, and one set washed and drying. Maybe 12 in total???

tassis Tue 15-Mar-05 12:35:39

I ordered 10 tots aplix and 4 tots nippa, 3 ME wraps, one fleece lining (and I bought a metre of fleece in John Lewis and used this one as a template).

That's done me from when I switched to cloth when ds was about 16 months.

i could probably manage with 12 nappies but I've just ordered a 4th wrap.

MrsDoolittle Tue 15-Mar-05 14:51:59

Hang on ladies, check these out
I have a few including the ladybird and bees design. They are absolutely gorgeous. I really don't need anymore...or do I?...

vkone Tue 15-Mar-05 15:02:53

One thing if you're radiator dependent, do try a bumble or two. They're shaped like Tots but have a fleece inner. I find they dry alot quicker than Tots (even rainbow ones) and if you're in a hard water area the fleece will always stay soft next to baby's skin.

They have a pocket so can be boosted, thy're my second choice night nappy after Tots unbleached. Try nappy lady or direct

pootlepod Tue 15-Mar-05 15:05:28

Think this sounds like a very good start, are you trying one each of aplix and nippa tots?

The only thing to consider would be the wraps, ME change size at 20lbs, so perhaps a M/L better than a M? You could always order them, try them for size and send them back if they are way out? Think babies out on roughly a pound a month at this stage.

Also consider vests, if you have poppered ones, you might need to go up a size in these.

Let us know how you get on

flamesparrow Tue 15-Mar-05 15:21:41

Vkone... are bumbles aplix or nippa? Heard of them before but not seen any.

sweetkitty Tue 15-Mar-05 15:31:46

oh no more suggestions it's far too confusing

I'm trying to buy a days worth use them for the whole day then wash them the next day see how I get on

vkone Wed 16-Mar-05 09:28:29

Flamesparrow, they're nippa, if that doesn't suit theres a similar one called Stuffies and if you google "Stuffies Nappies" I think the maker will do poppers or velcro for you.

Sweetkitty, I started out the same way - I borrowed 3 different ones and bought an MEOS as well, and I've slowly built up via ebay. BTW I'm selling my 2 ME/Popolini One size as they are too low in the rise for DS, if you're interested, please email/CAT me - I bought one of each new for comparison (Popolini are the European equivilent of Motherease)

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