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DD Backsliding after doing so well with her potty

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spook14 Mon 14-Mar-05 19:15:47

My dd is 2.5 and we've been potty training for a good few weeks and she'd really got the hang of it - asking to go for nos 1 & 2 no problem with very few accidents. I used stickers as incentives and she took to it really well - I've even been giving advice to all the mums at toddlers!
However, the last week or so she's been wetting three/four times a day. She'll just come over and say 'I've done a peepee on the floor' and isn't bothered a bit. I've tried cleaning her up but basically ignoring it and then going overboard when she does do something in her potty, I've tried making her sit on the potty every half hour (she usually does nothing then wets five minutes later).
Any suggestions please? I feel my patient 'it's ok darling mummy will clean it up' approach is wearing really thin!

teabelly Tue 15-Mar-05 15:24:14

Oh Spook I feel for you. I'd been raving about ds and how well he'd been doing...started the potty training at christmas (he was 2 1/2). But we had to use pull ups at mil's (he's there 2 of the 3 days I'm at work), coz of her new cream wool carpets and sofas, grrr. Anyhooo he still did very well, despite the pullups, and he was asking to go to 1's and 2's, but then he started to go backwards, becoming complacent coz the pullups would catch any accidents. So at the beginning of Feb I just went for it, using stickers and going commando under his trousers. This was a suggestion from nursery coz for some kiddies the feeling of pants is a security thing like nappies, and they're genuinely unaware of the wet irritating feeling that would sooo get on our nerves.

So maybe you could try this with your dd. We did the stickers for about 2 weeks, and the pants free for about 4 weeks. Now he's as good as gold, and the only accidents we have is sometimes during afternoon naps - but he can hold it longer than I can these days (am 29+ with #2, ha ha ha!). I'm not sure what else to suggest - except maybe saying you'll put her back in nappies if you think she wouldn't like that prospect. Good luck - hope you get some better ideas from others

spook14 Wed 16-Mar-05 19:12:30

Thanks teabelly for your advice. She was a bit better today - only two accidents. We were out at the soft play this morning and I took her every 30-40 minutes to the loo and she was dry. We then went to asda and again she went to the loo. We were in the door five minutes and she said 'Mummy my socks are wet!' I said nothing, stripped her bottom half, gave her a wipe then left the room. Later on, when she used her potty, I made a big fuss of her and read her a couple of stories. I think she may be using it to get more of my attention, so I'm trying to give her none when she wets and go crazy when she goes in her potty.
I'm assessing now if I give her enough attention.........

tiffini Wed 16-Mar-05 19:26:44

as far as i am aware it is very common for children to relapse through potty training and quite normal, i expect your dd will go back to her potty within a couple of weeks. my ds is 4 now and still has relapses, from experience and speaking to other parents each time children go back to the potty after a relapse it will be a longer period before another relapse untill eventually they stop. my ds has recently had a relapse (lasted about 5 days ) but it was the first time in 8 months. you just need to be patient and gently remind them they should be using the potty, toilet etc

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