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more poo issues: was holding it in, now can't control it!

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purplemonkeydishwasher Mon 03-Nov-08 10:09:01

DS is a problem pooer.
he refuses to admit he has to go and holds it in until it is HUGE. (i've been looking at other threads and am a bit relieved to see that i'm not alone in this!!)
but yesterday was a bad day. he pooed in his underpants. it was really really soft - not diahorrea but not solid at all.
about 2 hours later it happened again. all in his pjs. all down his legs.
he seems fine otherwise. not sick or anything, lots of energy.
this morning i thought we were in the clear but while i was in the shower he came in crying that he was pooing and coudn't stop. again it was all down his legs. he says it hurts but his bum is pretty red.
i just don't know. i was meant to take him to a friend's place today but i've cancelled just in case it's someone contagious as opposed to just something he's eaten or because of his holding it in before.
can anyone shed some light?

purplemonkeydishwasher Mon 03-Nov-08 10:41:56

anyone please?

DeathByMonkey Mon 03-Nov-08 13:51:44

Have you read anything about encopresis? It's a very common condition, there are a lot of threads about it. My 6yo son has had it ever since potty training and is still under treatment. Basically it's constipation and soiling - the child holds the poo in (for whatever reason, fear of it being painful is quite common) until they get all blocked up inside and then it comes leaking out.

Quite often the leakage is only small amounts at a time forcing its way round the larger blockage inside, but larger leakages do happen. Mostly the treatment is lactulose to help the poo come out easier, coupled with behavioural treatment, eg sitting on the loo regularly after meals to get into a good habit. Oh yes forgot to say, if the blockage inside is very big it can affect the nerve endings in the bottom so the child can not actually feel when he needs a poo, but this is reversible.

How old is your son?

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