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alternatives to moltex

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kazbeth Sat 01-Nov-08 19:45:19

since moltex have changed their nappies so that they are no longer any better for the evironment than nature babies ones I've been looking for an alternative.

I used to use nature babies but found size 5 to be a bit too small (size 5 moltex are fine though). I did remember seeing once nature baby size 6 pullups but can't remember where and have never seen them again.

Any suggestions as to a vaguely more eco friendly nappy than the norm of pampers etc but that don't cost as much as moltex?


Pannacotta Sat 01-Nov-08 19:52:17

Nature babies do have a size 6 pull ups in the range, I saw them in a local organic shop.
You could look at or for other types too.

kazbeth Sat 01-Nov-08 20:04:13

Thanks pannacotta.

The other ones that places like spirit do aren't any better either and I resent having to pay so much for something that's basically like pampers only uses corn starch rather than plastic which is why I liked the nature ones as they were a lot cheaper.

I've just searched for the nature pullups and they seem to be £6 for just 18 nappies! which makes them even more expensive than moltex .. I'm shocked. Looks like I'll be having to resort to 'normal' nappies after 2 years of cloth and moltex use.

BroccoliSpears Sat 01-Nov-08 20:06:08

I didn't know Moltex had changed. When? And what changed?

Pannacotta Sat 01-Nov-08 20:08:55

Moltex are white now rather than unbleached, but have to say I can't see any other change in them, same materials/compostible packaging etc.

AccidentalMum Sat 01-Nov-08 20:09:35

WSS....what has changed?

Tushies? Bambo Pull Ups are nice.

pamplemousse Sat 01-Nov-08 20:10:38

I have only seen Naturbaby size 6 pull ups in waitrose, have you tried there?
Or how about Bambo which if bought in bulk are cheaper?

wastingmyeducation Sat 01-Nov-08 20:14:42

So Organic do a sample pack of 1 each of Moltex, Bambo and Tushies, but not sure of sizes. Didn't like the Moltex, but that's cos he pooed in it and it leaked and he didn't poo in the others, so you never know. Might be my crappy diposable technique, as we're clothies and I was only trying them out for potential use on holidays.
The Tushies have no gel in them, but felt a bit stiff.


Anglepoise Sat 01-Nov-08 22:55:57

Sainsbury's do their own eco ones (which are super-cheap at the moment, compared to Nature Babies anyway) but no idea how impressive their credentials are.

kazbeth Sun 02-Nov-08 12:05:17

The moltex ones now use the same amount of gel as other brands do and so are no longer biodegreadable even in a wormery. They've said they've had to do this to make them as absorbant as the high street ones. Years ago they were made without the gel - still not biodegradeable in landfill though but better I think than they are now.

I shall have to have a look at the sainsburys ones, thanks.

I've tried waitrose for the naturebaby ones but no luck there. I haven't tried the bambo ones so will look into those too.

Now, if she would only potty train I could save all this bother

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