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Is dd2 being lazy or do we just leave her to it???

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Nemoandthefireworks Sat 01-Nov-08 16:38:16

DD2 is 21mths and at 18mths started potty training herself. She became reliably dry in the day until mid sept when dd1 as admitted to hospital with her asthma. Due to this pil looked after dd2 during the day for a couple of days and put her in pull ups.
Anyays since then dd2 was wetting herself etc so we decided to leave her until we had energy to help her retrain. Now she is reliably dry when bare bottomed but as soon as knickers go on she is wetting/pooing in them. Is she just confused with the nappy, being lazy because she does actually go and get pull ups and put them on herself to wee in sometimes. Or is it dh and I being lazy and we need to put a lot of energy into her. Last option is do we just leave her??

bubblagirl Sat 01-Nov-08 18:14:04

i would say at this age i wouldnt say its being lazy they go through phases of it being a novelty and then revert again maybe wait until she shows more signs of wanting no nappies on again she is still quite young

ches Sat 01-Nov-08 18:33:49

I would say put more energy into her; it probably won't take much. She is likely confused between pull-ups and undies.

Nemoandthefireworks Sat 01-Nov-08 19:24:37

thanks for replying you two.
Well since I posted we have been in knickers again and bribes of smarties seem to be working wellgrin

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