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Folding terries for a newborn - a good fit ?

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TheodoresMummy Wed 29-Oct-08 20:44:22

I think that terries/bamboo squares might be the best way to go for the first few weeks, but when I tried them on DS when he was in nappies my folding was hopeless and they would just go baggy and leak. However DS was much older and walking and I suspect they were a bit small as he is a very big lad.

Can you get a really snug fit on a newborn with flat nappies ? What fold is best ?

Also I want to use wool covers. Are they ok for a newborn ? Or do they soak through with the pressure of laying in one spot ?

Ta !!

oopsacoconut Wed 29-Oct-08 21:21:44

I used muslins for the first few weeks - smaller not so bulky and with the amnout of poo in the first few weeks - they dry very quickly.

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