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Newborn nappy wraps - Message for Cornflake Girl and others.

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Cooperoo Thu 10-Mar-05 05:38:25

Hi there,
To Cornflake Girl - we were chatting on another thread about newborn wraps and that the ME were in theory not suitable until 10lbs.
I have spoken to my friend who had a 7lb baby and she has successfully used Popolino wraps, size small,from birth. She is using the velcro ones. These are almost identical to the ME Rikki although when I tried them I thought the fit was just that bit smaller. I am going to buy some ME Rikki wraps and keep my fingers crossed. If it is a disaster then the new baby will have to be in disps for a few days while I order some smaller wraps. My friend was trying the Nature Babies wraps but didn't like the fit as much. I should add that she is using the ME onesize nappy with these wraps so maybe this filled it out a bit.
Has anyone else any experience with a new born in cloth. We were late starters at 4 mths with dd.

cornflakegirl Thu 10-Mar-05 11:07:08

Hi Cooperoo

Thanks for posting this - please let me know how you get on!

I mentioned what you'd said before about the Rikki wrap to a friend who had her baby a couple of weeks ago. She has a Rikki wrap, and said she might try it. Haven't spoken to her yet about whether she did - will let you know (Think my friend is using MEOS too...)

FionaJT Thu 10-Mar-05 20:35:25

Hi, hope you don't mind me butting in - my dd is now 9 weeks and I started using cloth at around 2 weeks. I have a mixture of nappies (including MEOS) as well as using muslins, and I found that early on the small ME Rikki worked best of all the wraps I tried. (She was nearly 8lbs at birth but dropped right down to 7lbs 2)
Hope that helps!


Cooperoo Thu 10-Mar-05 20:45:52

Fiona, thank you so much for your post and please don't think you are butting in at all. This is exactly the kind of info Cornflake Girl and I were hoping for. The ME wraps have worked the best for my dd1 and so I am keen to use them from birth with the new baby. Oooh, I can do some shopping in confidence now. Thank you
Thanks too for your reply CG. I will be interested in what your friend thinks too.

LeahE Thu 10-Mar-05 21:06:34

I would think that the smallest size Tots Bots wrap (which has Aplix fastening) would also do. Admittedly ds was over 10lb at birth so I don't have direct experience, but they could fasten a LOT smaller than we had them done up on him -- and they are also designed so that if you want to go even smaller then you can actually overlap the aplix tabs.

Cooperoo Fri 11-Mar-05 04:44:20

Thanks for that pointer too Leah. I am glad I don't feel I have to buy newborn sizes as well as small. DD was 8lb 7 so I am expecting a similar size baby this time. Over 10lb at birth . Wow. You did well with that one?
Thanks again.

Cooperoo Fri 11-Mar-05 04:45:11

Sorry ? should be !. It is actually 0644 here not 0444 but still too early for me!

Waswondering Fri 11-Mar-05 13:42:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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