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Leaking nappies - please help

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Grizzly Wed 09-Mar-05 22:18:05

Ds is 18 months old and he frequently (3 times a week on average) has a leaking nappy overnight. I check him before I go to bed and he is often wet - pyjamas, grobag, sheets. It's always the same place - right hand side, seems to leak from the waistband, so he's wet up his ribcage and under his arm. I'm extra careful to seal his nappy properly, am obviously experienced at it by now, so I don't think it's me. I've tried pampers baby dry, pampers active fit, huggies and Tesco own brand as per the Mumsnet review recommendation. All leak. It's driving me nuts from all the washing and obviously doing him no good being woken up at 11pm to have a complete change of clothing and bedding. Does anyone else have this problem and can anyone offer advice?

tiffini Wed 09-Mar-05 22:22:38

i had the same problem with my ds, afraid i dont know the answer think it might have something to do with the position they are lying in but i did find that the next size up nappy helped abit and i found the tesco own brand to be the best

lockets Wed 09-Mar-05 22:23:41

Message withdrawn

Grizzly Wed 09-Mar-05 22:28:33

He does tend to wriggle a lot and often 'lies' on all fours with the top of his head flat on the mattress. (In spite of how this sounds he's a great sleeper). He also drinks a lot of water during the day - and I don't want to discourage that habit. He swigs a lot of swimming pool and bath water too, given half a chance. When he has his daytime sleep straight after swimming the nappy is often full to capacity within a couple of hours.

tiffini Wed 09-Mar-05 22:34:59

funny that my ds also drinks a hell of a lot through the day (that might be a connection) he has just turned 4 and is drinking about 6-8 pints a day. we had a nightmare toilet training him i think because of the drinking, he has only been toilet trained for 6 months. proffesionals tried telling me he was autistic

karenanne Sun 13-Mar-05 07:37:09

my ds 15mths has this problem too.perhaps its boys???lol never seemed to have it with dd.
ds also sleeps on his tummy with his knees bent under him iykwim.i too have tried different nappies and the only ones i find that work are the huggies supremes.he also drinks alot during the day and theyre the only ones that 'mop' it up well.

bathmummy Sun 13-Mar-05 07:46:26

I had this with DD1 at similar age - ended up using a normal nappy (Huggies) and putting a "pull up" one over the top. This worked for us and could re-use the pull up one when nappy didn’t leak and so still clean so not too expensive and much nicer than constant wet bedding/clothes and miserable child.

AuntyQuated Sun 13-Mar-05 07:48:59

we used to use 2 nappies too
just bigger size over the top

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