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Potty training going well but dd poos in pants all the time! Help!

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LollysMum1 Tue 28-Oct-08 13:32:27

We are on week four of potty training for my 2 yr 5 mth daughter. She has got the hang of using the potty for wees but will not do a poo anywhere but in her pants. Even if I know one is coming up and say to her repeatedly that poos go in the potty and you'll get 2 sweeties/stars etc, and she definitely understands, it happens in the pants. It is not as if she doesn't realise she's doing it either!! Is this common? Any suggestions? thanks!

gladders Tue 28-Oct-08 13:56:13

v common i think. dd was pooing in her pants for about 3 weeks before she finally caught on. it happened pretty much immediately...

so i can't give a timeframe but i can offer hope!

teafortwo Tue 28-Oct-08 14:14:55

All the books say that it is the first thing they learn about toilet training. But for my dd, like yours, it was the last. - It is a not nice stage but for us didn't last a long long time.

First she started putting it in the toilet herself after filling pants and then tidying herself up using babywipes!?! Then... I think she realised it was so much easier to do it directly on the potty or toilet! She was very proud of her achievements and wanted to present a filled potty to my Dad when he came to visit!!! blush shock

At the time this 'half potty trained half not' stage felt like a life-time but thinking back - it was probably just a few days! Hang in there - be cool! IMHO - you are very close to the end of all this potty malarky and ready to live life beyond - believe me it is just round the next corner!!! grin

Congratulations on your daughter's achievements so far! It is a big step away from being a baby and into being a child... she must be feeling pleased with herself!!!

pinkladybird Tue 28-Oct-08 15:35:18

We have this problem too. We are on week three. DD is now either doing a poo first thing in the morning or into pants. she too knows that the poo is coming we just can't get her to sit on the toilet/potty. We've tried giving her a book and also sitting with her for moral support!
Any other tips??

pinkladybird Thu 30-Oct-08 14:50:06

After several trips on to potty/trainer seat yesterday something clicked and instead of leaning over DD/offering encouragement etc. I left her to it, closed the bathroom door and waited outside. "mummy poo in toilet" came the cry. It seems all she really wanted was some privacy to poo! Silly mummy! wink

teafortwo Thu 30-Oct-08 16:46:48

HORRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!Fantastic news!!!!!!!

When my dd did that I took her to a bookshop and bought her this book and cd to celebrate her complete ability to wear pants!!! Now it is a big favourite of hers... &sr=8-3

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