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Dry for 6 months but problems with poo's!!!

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sam1601 Mon 27-Oct-08 20:08:22

PLease Help I feel I am failing and going very slightly mad by the day!!

My dd is 2.10 and has been in pants for the past 6 months - this was achieved in 3 days only 2 accidents this whole time. She will wee in a potty or a toilet. Our problem comes to poo's. She will hae 5-6 accidents every day - little poo's never a whole one! it is driving me mad. It is hard not to get cross with her as she understands - I ask her where do poos go and she always says in the potty for 1 sticker in the toilet for 2! (we are saving up for a big girls pushchair for her dolly) I am at my whits end and considering nappies again, which is such a shame as we have been out of nappies for 6 months.

Any help/advice is severely needed!

MingMingtheWonderPet Mon 27-Oct-08 20:14:06

My DD is just like this and in the end I took her to the doctors. He suggested that she was constipate and that the little poos were part of a build up. He prescribed lactulose to her and she has now been on it for a while, she has been much better since though I do have to watch the dosage to regulate the effects!
Lots of water or squash helps too, aswell as plenty of fruit and veg (obviously)
Good luck to your DD, I felt just the same as you, but I would try not to put her back in nappies.

sam1601 Mon 27-Oct-08 20:22:12

Thank You ming ming it is awful she just seems to hide away and poo - I have shouted at her, then I feel awful... Docs tomorrow for us, she has always had bad bowels I must say x x x fingers crossed I will try anything she always eats lots of fruit and veg bt the poos still end up hidden! On the occasion we get a bit in the potty she is so proud! but even these start in the pants x I am losing it a bit every day!

nigglewiggle Mon 27-Oct-08 20:25:57

Ditto. Doc prescribed lactulose but that had an explosive effect shock. Eventually have regulated her diet - not too much fruit (she loves it) but enough fruit veg and water to keep things soft. We seem to have cracked it hmm - today she took herself off and did a poo in the potty and wiped herself all on her own grin.

I understand your frustration, I know what you mean about trying not to get cross. If you find it's a physiological thing based on diet, it's easier to be patient. That will avoid it becoming a psychological problem which is probably harder to solve.

Good luck.

MingMingtheWonderPet Mon 27-Oct-08 21:49:47

Good luck with the doctor's appointment, I hope it goes well. I know it is so hard to remain calm, but your DD is really not doing it on purpose I am sure.

Just for the record, my DS had the same problem at about 3.5, he was prescribed lactulose and was on it for about 18months. He has now grown out of the problem an he is fine, though he does still have to watch that he eats correctly and drinks enough.

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