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Potty training 2yrs4mnths and new baby??

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dabihp Wed 09-Mar-05 08:42:23

ANy ideas, my dd is 2yrs and 4 mnths and not really that bothered about still being in nappies. Will sit on potty and toilet but wont pee/poo in them. I tried about a month ago and she clearly wasnt ready... But I am due in 10 wks and knwo i face a cesarean, so am wondering if ofr convenience sake I should wait. Surely will be easier to cope with new baby if dd is still in nappies, as no urgency to rush to loo with her?

Also and going to put her in her own room and from cot to bed in the next couple of weeks, so dont want too many changes at one time...

Any advice from all you Pro's out there?

Yorkiegirl Wed 09-Mar-05 08:45:50

Message withdrawn

TrinaJ Sun 20-Mar-05 21:22:19

I tried to toilet train dd1 when i was 6 months pregnant, she was 18 months and wasn't ready, so we left it until after dd2 had arrived. I put dd1 into a bed about 3 weeks before dd2 arrived - bad timing but due to unforseen circumstances, had no choice! We left it until she was settled in bed and happy with dd2, and tried again at 25 months, this time she's got it!
Waiting was definately to her benefit. and I agree one change at a time, bed first, then baby, then worry about toilet training. there's no rush at this age, as long as you're both happy, and yes it is easier to deal with nappies on toddler with a new born too!!
Good luck

Mum2Ela Sun 20-Mar-05 21:29:45

As you are already changing one big thing in yr DD's life (cot to bed) I would say leave it for now.

Personally tho, I trained DD 3 mths before my new baby was due. She was 23mths then. It worked out fine for me to do it this way as she didn't want to be in nappies anymore but if your DD is happy to be in nappies you may as well leave it. It will be the summer soon as some say its easier to train then.

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