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Any mums with circumcised baby boys - question

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Jacksmama Fri 24-Oct-08 17:07:38

Any mums with circumcised baby boys - do any of your babies have a "hidden penis"? My 8-month-old was circumcised at 1 week (when he was still quite skinny) and then rapidly gained weight (breast-fed). He is quite, quite chubby, and his little penis is hiding in the pubic fat pad. I can easily push down beside it and make it pop out, and apparently it's normal-sized (I looked up normal measurements), but when it hides it looks like he's got a little button instead! I've asked some people and they say it's normal and his penis will come out of hiding when he slims down. His physician has seen it at his well-baby-check-ups and hasn't said anything about it so I assume she's not concerned... have any of you experienced this?

Sullwah Sat 25-Oct-08 23:49:14

My twin boys are also 8 months. They are not chubby - so dont have this (well I don't think so but my husband having read your post claims that they do .... which just prooves its probably a perception thing).

I am sure that you don't have anything to worry about.

Jacksmama Sun 26-Oct-08 23:42:10

Bump? Anyone else?

nicabery Tue 28-Oct-08 07:14:49

You have nothing to worry about. Our DS has exactly same problem and I had it looked at by the person who cicumcised him. He said that it is very common in boys who are skinny at birth, get a bit chubby and have more head than shaft! You just need to make sure it stays clean by pushing the fatty tissue bits at the sides to expose the head and then clean it.

UmSami Tue 28-Oct-08 07:24:32

My DS now 2.7 had the same fact he couldn't get circumcised at 5 months because of it...(they were worried thatpenis, with clip attached would retract into fat pad requiring plastics work.) He's fine now,but I hate the fact that he'll require GA for circumcision and is SO old for it!

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