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Idiots guide to washable nappies

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sweetkitty Tue 08-Mar-05 21:05:55

hi after a few weeks of trawling through this topic I am still none the wiser about which washable nappies to try.

DD is 7 and a half months and about 16 and a bit pounds I've been using Pampers so far but really like the idea of washables. I live in a flat right now with no tumble drier should I even be considering washables.

I was looking on ebay and they have a trial pack of 3 nappies and one wrap for £28 I quite like the idea of using bothe disposables and washables for a while until I'm more used to them. I'm planning to have one if not two more so they would be an investment.

My questions are:
I know you need nappies and wraps but how many of each do you go through a day?
Is your washing machine on constantly?
Space is an issue right now I presume you need a nappy bin of some sort?
What about liners? Where do you buy them?
For changing you throw the liner and it's contents down the toilet then soak the nappy?
I take it you wash wraps less frequently?

flamesparrow Wed 09-Mar-05 08:25:33


I changed to washables when DD was sbout 6 months old, and haven't looked back. I was in a flat without a tumble dryer too.

How many disposable nappies do you go through on an average day? My DD was on about 4-5 a day (a change about every 4 hours, and a couple spare for poos after just changing ). I had 12 daytime tots bots which gave me enough for 2 days, wash them and the the third day while the others are still drying you have enough left.

I only had 2 night nappies, and ended up in disposables for one night out of 3, and I think ideally at that age we could have done with 4 night nappies.

Wraps - I had 4... She would have the same one for a day and night (unless it got leaked on), and I would wipe the inside out to keep freshening it. Some people use fleece or wool for night when they don't during the day, so that would be different. You need enough to have at least one spare so that when you have the violent poo you can change the wrap too!

That is the very minimum needed - if I had more pennies I would have had a few more wraps and nappies.

Washing machine on constantly? Nope. Without tumble dryer it was on every 2 days with nappies, with tumble dryer - every 3. So an extra 2-3 washloads a week. By the time you're not having to wash so many clothes because of disposables leaking, its not much more at all!

Nappy bin... have you seen/got the nappy wrapper bin? I just took the plastic bag dispenser out of mine, and used the bin as a bucket - it is ideal because the lid locks in place stopping investigating kiddies! Its fairly narrow so doesn't take up too much room.

Liners - disposable liners are available from boots, tesco etc. Reusable ones are all over the internet.

I didn't soak my nappies - I rinsed any poo off, and then left them dry in the bucket (a few drops of tea tree oil & lavendar on a cloth in the bucket makes it smell better). You do have slightly more staining like that, but I seemed to have stains when I soaked too.

Wraps - I put them in with the nappy wash, where you don't have as many cos you only use one or so a day, it all balances out.

I would highly recommend going to and filling in her tailored advice questionnaire - you answer a pile of questions about your lifestyle, and what you want from the nappies, and she advises the best type for you, and how many you would probably need.... Remember though - it is FREE advice, you do not have to use her shop, and there are often better deals around the internet.

Good luck!!!

throckenholt Wed 09-Mar-05 08:50:56

probably need about 6 changes per day (will reduce over the next few months to something like 3-4 probably), and you would need 2-3 days supply depending on how often you wash. You can manage without a tumble drier (we don't have one) but probably not with tots bots - they are thick and take quite a time to dry.

Something like motherease or popolini onesize would be better. Wraps - probably 3-4 would be fine. Wash when needed - ie smelly or dirty.

Wash daily or every other day - your choice.

One nappy bin should be fine. Don't bother soaking.

Fleece liners are the best - you can make your own by cutting up a piece of fleece material.

I got all of mine from - she has a good website and will give advice and ring up and query if she thinks you have ordered an odd combination.

Or you can get second hand - try nappy forum.

Probably best to buy a few and see how you get on - and only get the rest when you know they suit you.

vkone Wed 09-Mar-05 18:05:59

Just to add - do a very good trial pack. Choose one or two nappies, plus one wrap for 25% off. So you pay roughly £17 in all (less if you only have one nappy) - if you don't like them you will make your money back if you sell them on ebay - Tos Bots in barely used condition are going for £5 to £7 a time at the mo!

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