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milkybarsrus Tue 21-Oct-08 15:25:54

I have a 2.8month old boy and since july I have been potty training him. No real big problems ACCEPT that he NEVER asks to go to the toilet. If I ask him , which I do every 45/60 mins then he will go when I take him. But if left to his own devices he never says he wants the toilet or potty. Now he is at nursery, they have mentioned this to me (as a problem) because when he is there he will wet himself on a regular basis. Is he being plain lazy, or is he not really trained yet? any suggestions greatfully received TIA.

DLI Tue 21-Oct-08 17:59:39

it will come to him one day and that will be it! my son started nursery and was not fully toilet trained but i took him just before he started and we managed most afternoons to be dry (went on an afternoon for two and a half hours). once he sees other boys going he will copy, dont worry about it. my son was vey late in using the toilet

ches Tue 21-Oct-08 19:23:37

Sorry, he's not being lazy, nursery is. They should take him to the toilet, that's one of the things you're paying them for.

milkybarsrus Tue 21-Oct-08 19:46:28

ches i know what you mean, they haven't complained as such, just said that he 'doesn't bother to ask and just waits for them to take him'. which is what he is like at home. i just wondered if there was any way to get him to speak up and say to me that he wants to go? is he still young? some say boys are a lot slower?hmm should i put him back in nappies and try again later? this seems a backward step to me, as he goes each time he is taken to the loo, even for poo's. it really doesn't worry me too much that he has an accident if he is left to long between wee's, after all its just a case of putting his clothes in the washing machine and washing him down. any ideas?

yummymummy33 Tue 21-Oct-08 20:25:59

I had this with my Son so on the days we were at home all day together ( I work part time) I would say to him 'I'm not going to tell you to go to the toilet today, you tell me when you want to go' or leave the potty somewhere nearby, tell him where it is and when to use it and leave him to it. I had previously been taking my son all the time and realised he probably didn't know when to take the initiative, because I'd been doing the thinking for him. If he hasn't been for a couple of hours, you could gently ask him if he needs a wee, and if he says no then remind him to go to the toilet/potty if he does and leave it at that. You could set up a sticker chart so he gets a sticker when he goes on his own, and then 3 stickers gets a smartie or something? Thats what we did anyway and it worked with us on getting him to ask for a wee. He still has the occasional accident but that is boys for you I think!

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