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Someone pls help!!! DS will only poo in his pants - going cold turkey half term - idea's pls!!!

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XshazX Mon 20-Oct-08 20:13:32

Here goes
DS is 3.6 - has been potty trained with wee's since just over 2 and dry at night since 2.8 (yes i am blessed here i know) - poo'ing is a different story - will only poo in his pants/pull up
Always been slightly constipated so im sure this has affected him going on the toilet as it takes him a while and a bit of straining to get a poo out (tried lactulose but didnt make much difference)
getting embarrasing at pre school/after school club now as they are losing patiance with him.
Anyway here's what ive tried already:
reward chart, bribary, books whilst on toilet, getting him to clean himself after pooing in his pull up/pants, picking a special toy for when he finally poo's on toilet, pooing on toilet in a pull up and trying to get him excited about pooing on toilet (makes mummy proud, your a big boy now) etc - NOTHING WORKS!!! He will sit on the toilet with no probs but wont poo on it - wont say why just tells me he doesnt need a poo even though he's been grunting and trying to poo in pants already.
if trying not to make it stressful for him but its term next week so really want to try to crack it whilst im at home
Any help is appreciated - at my wits end! sad

katyjo Mon 20-Oct-08 22:23:59

I am having a similar issue with ds at the moment.

I read that you should pop the poo in the potty and sit them over it, a bit like a hen with an egg. I tried it yesterday and today he did a poo in the potty, I don't know if it was due to that, but its worth a try.
Good luck

MrsPuddleduck Wed 22-Oct-08 10:34:23

Ds had this problem for months.

Firstly, if your DS has real constipation lactulose is no good. You need to go to the doctors and get movicol - it is life changing, believe me.

If he did poo in his nappy I used to get him to 'help' me put it down the toilet and flush it away so he understood that was where the poos went.

The best thing is to start small and give him praise if he just goes and tries to do a poo on the toilet. We spent days doing this but eventually it worked.

Hope that helps.

XshazX Wed 22-Oct-08 20:22:35

Tried the above before and didnt work but thanks for the advice anyway - maybe im expecting too much of him?? Will deffo take him back to docs and ask about the movicol - seen a few threads on here about it and it seems amazing stuff so thatns for that Willmouse - heres hoping for a successful half term! hmm

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