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question for einsvold

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alux Sun 06-Mar-05 23:22:28

I have read before that you use flat nappies. I am also interested in giving them a go. Do you have any advice regarding muslins over terries? I am familiar with muslins as that is what my mum used. I'm wondering if terries are better. Should I get a mix? If so (or not so), how many would you start out with? Is is a good idea to go straight to 60 cm squares right from the start? I could ask the Nappy Lady these questions but since you seem so no nonsense and up with it in this area, I would like your feedback too, please, please.

eidsvold Mon 07-Mar-05 02:13:33

I used muslins for dd2 when she was first born simply because I had made them myself out of lengths of muslin and they were smaller than the terries - so less bulky.

Now that she is 16 weeks - I use a mixture of the terries and flannelette nappies - prefer the terries - simply because they hold more fluid iykwim. Once folded I simply use a fleece liner.I then simply use plastic pants over the top - hard to get good wraps for little ones - here in Australia - probably could get them on line but just don't have the time to worry. I guess too there are so many uses for the terries - burp clothes, towels for wet hair and so on so they are multi functional for me.

I do the origami fold I think it is called and use the few muslin squares that I had as burp and wipe clothes.

I do have prefolds but use them for dd1 and did not use them with her until she was about 1 or so and have now returned to them. She is 2 1/2.

I simply use the terries cause shaped nappies are sooo expensive here and whilst you get your money back eventually I could not justify the expense for one baby.

hope that helps - if you want to know anymore - you can contact me via contact a talker - more than happy to help.

alux Mon 07-Mar-05 06:19:42

Thanks for the quick response. Will try to contact you later. I haven't used it yet. Now off to get ready for work.

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