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Nappy Soak

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Hev2008 Fri 17-Oct-08 13:47:27

Hi there!

Hope you can help me on my hunt for nappy soak, as the stuff is like hen's teeth.
Went to the large Boots where I normally get it to find they now don't sell it! Not helpful.
I've not seen it anywhere else so wondered if any of you guys know of a secret stash.
Thanks for your help.

BigBadMouseInHauntedHouse Fri 17-Oct-08 13:49:45

What brand? Do you mind buying online?

Hev2008 Fri 17-Oct-08 14:12:01

No brand preference - just not too pricey! Don't mind online shopping.

thisisyesterday Fri 17-Oct-08 14:14:35

don't bother with it! it will reduce the life of your nappies anyway.
just dry pail, much easier

Hev2008 Fri 17-Oct-08 14:17:04

I put it in the machine when washing as I've managed to buy nappies that have to be washed at 40, not boiled. Could I get away without using it on a 40 degree wash?

BigBadMouseInHauntedHouse Fri 17-Oct-08 14:27:54

Yeah - of course! I wash at 40C and never use soak in the pail or in the washing machine.

ilovemydog Fri 17-Oct-08 14:32:39

i use bicarb of soda. big box from health food store.

Hev2008 Fri 17-Oct-08 14:39:04

Hadn't thought of bicarb. Fabulous! Or I might just not bother. Sounds like another of those things that 1st time mums are told they must have, but we then find out we really don't!

Thanks for all the advice!

needaholiday Fri 17-Oct-08 14:42:33

We don't use a nappy soak, we tend to rinse out nappies then drop them in the bucket without a soak. If the bucket smells use a cotton pad stuck on the inner of the lid with a rop of scented oil on.
Otherwise soak in cold water and a drop of tea tree oil.

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Fri 17-Oct-08 14:52:31

Tescos do NappySan
I get mine from PHP - there's a deal if you buy 5boxes. Im, on my second DS using the same nappies and their life hasn't been reduced from using a nappy soak at all. Mind you, we use old fashioned terry squares, not nappies with elastic in, which can have a reduced lifespan due to soaking.

thisisyesterday Fri 17-Oct-08 20:08:43

I wash mine at 30 degrees, with a prewash and I never soak. just dry pail and chuck them in.
now and then I do a 60 wash if they're getting a bit whiffy, but tbh with the pre-wash they tend not to. stains don't bother me because it's a nappy and no-ones going to see inside it are they?

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