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Wahsing nappies in Ecover - still smell of ammonia...

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purplemania Sun 06-Mar-05 20:06:05

Hi there...just read the stuff on 'how do I get my washable nappies clean'...
I use Motherease nappies and wraps with a few Bumbles, dry pail and wash at 60 using Ecover - but they still smell of ammonia when they come out of the washing machine.
DS has a sore bottom - not exactly nappy rash, but almost looks burnt at the front - and has had for a while.
Any suggestions? I'm trying to use washing stuff which is as environmental as possible, but perhaps there's another option.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 06-Mar-05 20:12:57

I go through phases of using soap powder, and when i do i usually put them on a pre-wash cycle to sluice them first.

They don't normally small though - do you use enough ecover and have you tried adding a tsp of washing soda?

On the rash - are you using liners and do they come right up at the front? And do you air him out once a day? Or maybe a cream is called for...

sizeofahouse Sun 06-Mar-05 20:20:48

Hi I use nappyfresh as well as ecover, this is like nappysan but more environmentally friendly and biodegradable, alas its expensive if you get it from bambino mio but also the bio-d company make it I pay £2.32 a box of 550grams, I can
get it at local eco shop, add about a dessert spoon per wash. I also rinse the nappies before I wash them with no spin to wash away wee so don't do a wash with all wee still in, I do have alot of nappies so I must admit I do about one wash a week but do wash at 95, they come out very clean. Hope that's useful!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 06-Mar-05 20:22:20

But nappysan and washing at 95 damage the elastic in fitted nappies. You could try washing at 80 too though.

sizeofahouse Sun 06-Mar-05 20:23:50

ps, never wash your wraps at 90, they won't make it!

sizeofahouse Sun 06-Mar-05 20:25:22

Nappysan and nappyfresh are different. Nappyfresh has no chlorine bleach is hypoallergenic and enzyme free, its friendly!

pupuce Sun 06-Mar-05 20:27:03

Lavender oil is good as it antispectic and smells nice - a few drops are enough

purpleturtle Sun 06-Mar-05 20:27:15

I put white vinegar in with mine - in the fabric conditioner bit of the drawer. A friend suggested it to me, and I think it was to combat the ammonia smell.

misdee Sun 06-Mar-05 20:29:13

i found ecover rubbish, sorry. nothign ever cleaned peoperly with it. i like surcare as its good for my kids skin.

pupuce Sun 06-Mar-05 20:29:17

The nappylady says washing at hot temperatures really does damage nappies and 40 degres should be enough (if I remember correctly) I am sure it's on her website.

sizeofahouse Sun 06-Mar-05 20:42:24

My naps are bambino mio and they are fine, some came to me from friends and so my DS is the second or third baby to go through them, so 90 is okay - although not good for the environment which is why I have loads so I only wash weekly. I will try at 60 and see how they come out.

purplemania Mon 07-Mar-05 10:12:52

Thanks everyone...will try Nappyfresh, white vinegar and washing soda - separately of course!!!
Maybe a rinse pre washing would help too... Loads of ideas to try now - much better than scratching my head and feeling bad! I find Ecover fine for almost everything else but was stumped by this one!

humphrey Tue 08-Mar-05 19:32:26

I wash mine at 40 and use Ecover and less than the dose it says on the bottle and they are clean and don't smell of ammonia. I soak mine in a bucket with water and a few drops of tea tree oil which I think helps and use white vinegar in the wash. I have just been on holiday and used the washing machine there to wash nappies in but as didn't have a nappy bucket I didn't soak them before and they came out still smelling of wee so I think it is the soaking that makes the differnce especially when they smell strongly.

flamesparrow Tue 08-Mar-05 19:34:24

Mine were better when I used only 1/4 of the dose the powder suggested, used the vinegar, and then had a second rinse after washing.

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