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Pea123nut Wed 15-Oct-08 15:00:03

ANY IDEAS?? I would be grateful for any advice from a desperate mother of two. My DD1 decided she didn't want to wear nappies at 2 and shes now over 3 and still weeing everywhere in the house!! Her sister is 18 months old and still wears nappies, so i keep thinking this is whats stalling my DD1. Poos are fantastic, will always ask but just wees everywhere in the house (not all the time). I just want her to say "mummy i need a wee wee". We have tried to ignore it but its been over a year now and i'm paranoid that our house stinks of wee.I never get angry with her and have tried sticker charts and treats. I know she has the control it just seems that she can't be bothered and doesn't care.If i tell her off for something else she will wee herself in protest! Shes very stubborn and contrary.
Should i put here back in nappies or is it too late?

WigWamBam Wed 15-Oct-08 15:07:48

Sounds like attention seeking to me - does she get any one-to-one time with you?

One of the things I would suggest is getting her to help you to clean up after her every time. If she has to help mop it up, perhaps she will be less likely to wee on the floor.

I would also consider telling her that if she can't put her wee where it belongs, in the toilet, like a big girl, she will have to have a nappy like her baby sister. That may make her want to buck her ideas up. But do follow through; remind her lots for a couple of days and if she's still weeing everywhere then put her into a nappy.

Pea123nut Wed 15-Oct-08 18:24:57

Yes i make sure she gets one to one with me when her sister is having a nap. I have also started making sure she cleans up after herself and puts her wet clothes in the nappy bucket, which she doesn't like doing. I'm just worried that if she agrees going back into nappies then i've got a very large 3 year old baby! She hasn't had a nappy on for over a year and what about pre school? I know relatives will have lots to say on this subject too....
Thanks for the quick advice hmm

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