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Does this mean she's not ready???

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pookie81 Wed 15-Oct-08 11:03:52

I have recently started trying to potty train my DD who has just turned 2 but even though she loves sitting on the pot etc, she hasn't done a wee in it yet. She gets up off the pot and about an hour later she'll have done a wee on the carpet or wherever she was at the time.

I haven't put a nappy on her at all during the daytimes because I think it might go back to square one and she'll get used to weeing in it. She is quite tall for her age and looks strange in nappies when we are out because she towers over the other kids who are 3 and I don;t want people thinking i am lazy. Help!!

katyjo Wed 15-Oct-08 16:52:01

Hi Pookie

Don't stress yourself, she is still really young. I have just started potty training ds and he's 2.5. It is really good she is interested in the potty so try not to be too hard on her or she may refuse.

If you want to carry on do, but it might be alot of work, most kids aren't dry until nearly 3 anyway.

Try putting the potty in the toilet and when you go, tell her what you are doing ie'mummy is pulling down pants and going for a wee wee@ it might be that she just doesn't have the control yet, but it will come in the next few months. Good luck

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