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Is she ever gonna poo on the potty????

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clarebear1 Fri 10-Oct-08 21:58:40

Wees are fine,we have the odd accident where shes playing and forgets but poos are a no no,would rather enjoy watching me crawl around picking up her trail!
Its like as shes pooing shes getting really scared, i can imagine it cant be very nice experience, will she eventually poo poo on the potty??

PurplePumpkinWitchyOne Sat 11-Oct-08 01:53:22

How old is your DD?

Try going to the local branch of Holland and Barrett and picking up a small packet of bran. Disguise it in mashed potatoes or gravy.
My DD got terribly constipated. She's nearly 11 now and still only goes poo twice a week. The only thing that worked when she was little was a spoonful of Lactulose (availble from your doctor) and once potty training was established, I tried cutting holes in the nappies and letting her sit on the toilet IYSWIM.

It sounds like shes a wee bit constipated and she gets scared cos it's going to hurt her.
It does get better though. Keep an eye on it.

clarebear1 Sat 11-Oct-08 08:17:22

nah shes not constipated at all,its more like she doesnt like the feeling of poo coming out if u know what i mean wink

Tillyscoutsmum Sat 11-Oct-08 08:24:31

Our dsd was a bit potty shy when it came to poos. We think it was because she was embarrassed about the smell. A little drop of smelly disinfectant in the bottom of the potty (or "potty perfume" as we used to call it) just before she went seemed to help. Zoflora or similar is suitably flowery smelling

sportswidow Sun 12-Oct-08 17:57:46

Clarebear I have exactly the same problem with my DD and don't know what to do. She is just 2 and is absolutely fine about doing wees on the big toilet, potty etc but categorically will not do a poo in anything except her pants or a nappy.

A friend found with her daughter that if she lined the potty with a nappy it was more reassuring, but for my DD I think its the actual sitting down thing. She basically will only poo standing up. And she doesn't suffer constipation either.

Have been scraping poo out of her pants most days for over two months now and am pretty fed up ...

mybabywakesupsinging Sun 12-Oct-08 23:30:15

we removed poo from pants for about 8 months...similar...would only poo standing up. It happened eventually (toilet not potty). The look of delighted achievement on his face almost made it all worthwhile...
I don't think anything we tried brought the date of success forward. It just had to wait until he wasreadyto try. Once he had got the idea, he got a (cheap) book for every poo in the toilet for a while.

sportswidow Fri 17-Oct-08 19:52:50

Eight months oh god. I suspect this is similar, I will just have to hold my nose until she's good and ready ..

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