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Good potty training book (for parents)?

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Gem13 Thu 03-Mar-05 21:01:29

I know Gina Ford has written one but don't know if there are any others. Any recommendations?

Gem13 Fri 04-Mar-05 09:22:36

Asking again. I haven't used a parenting book before but I feel I need to swot up on potty training!

Hulababy Fri 04-Mar-05 10:56:24

Although I have not read any of her other books, and I am not really a routine person, I did get the GF potty training book for ideas - it was the only one in the shop when I went. It was useful too, and gave me good ideas.I found the 7 signs to look out for a useful opage, and just getting some ideas of how to approach it. In the end we varied everything and went about it ina mixed fashion - but it worked.

WigWamBam Fri 04-Mar-05 13:25:52

Pee, Poop and Potty Training is a good, straighforward book which gives loads of general advice but isn't prescriptive.

toomanypushchairs Fri 04-Mar-05 13:49:12

this is going to seem really unhelpful but I'm trying... Do you live near bluewater in kent? there is a shop there called Daisy and Tom, I stood looking at a really good potty training book in there a couple of weeks ago but I haven't got a clue who it was by. They only had that one and Gina Fords in there.

Blackduck Fri 04-Mar-05 13:55:31

NCT do one in their Practical Guides idea if its any good...

elclose Fri 04-Mar-05 16:15:20

I have just used the Gina Ford how to potty train in a week, It is brilliant 5 days and my dd was going by herself it has been 9 days now and we have had 4 dry days in row.
It does say the parent needs to be 100% ready and that is true i spent the first 2 days on the floor

Gem13 Wed 09-Mar-05 16:22:03

Thank you all. I haven't ventured near a bookshop yet - I was going to post on here the one I plumped for - and am not feeling too brave yet but I will tackle it soon!

Interesting that Gina Ford was recommended. Didn't like the CLBB at all but was wondering about giving the potty training one a go.

Thanks again.

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