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What first step should i take to potty train

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mamadadawahwah Thu 03-Mar-05 16:35:29

My son is just two, has speech delay etc. He loves the toilet, but unfortunately, not for the usual reasons, loves to put his hands down the bowl!!!!!

What would be the first step to potty train him. He knows when he is going poo as he slinks into a corner and sort of hides.

I dont want to use a potty in the living room, just want to skip that and go straight to a child potty on the toilet, with a wee footstool.

Any ideas for me?

Blossomhill Thu 03-Mar-05 16:37:52

My dd had a speech delay so children with this kind of problem can be hard to train, especially so early. We did start showing dd the potty and everytime I went I would take dd and her potty with me. I even layed a nappy over the potty as a visual clue. She def. wasn't ready at 2 but I got her used to by sitting her in front of the tv, reading to her, colouring, play dough etc. Bought her some really pretty knicker s and went on and on about being a big girl now etc.
Dd actually wasn't properly trained until she was almost 3 but once she was it was fine. Good luck

Chandra Thu 03-Mar-05 16:42:04

I read that it was to start using a star chart so he had experience in getting "bribed" into action. DS was 2 last week. I have stuck a little star once at his forehead (the ones that you wet and stick on), since then he wants the procedure repeated. I have found him yesterday liking the star chart or crying and because he can't remove the start to wear them. So... I'm just going to wait a couple of extra months and I'm trying to wean him from stars!

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