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Ella's House Bumhugger old v's new style?

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lollipopmother Thu 09-Oct-08 10:51:57

I have seen a few Bumhuggers on the second hand boards and would definitely like to get a few more of them, but I was wondering, all of the adverts I've seen are for the old style. Are the new style better than the old? I hear it has a snap in soaker?

Also, I put what I think was a booster in my old style Bumhugger last night and it crinkled up between the legs (didn't cause any leaks but didn't look very comfortable), is this because it was the wrong size, or is there a nack to putting them in?

BigBadMousey Thu 09-Oct-08 14:44:35

Yes, the newer style ones are better.

In the newer version the soaker that used to hidden away in the centre of the nappy is sewn in at one end only and pulls out (thus speeding up drying time). It also makes washing them more efficient too because the the water and detergent can circulate through the nappy more easily.

I think your booster issue is probably a bit of both - the pocket is a bit small so boosting is a bit on the fiddly side. Ellas house boosters are quite narrow and certainly fitted better than other makes for me. You get used to getting other makes of booster inside but I think you'll find wider ones are always a bit on the tricky side.

lollipopmother Thu 09-Oct-08 14:59:06

Ok thanks BBM, I think I'm going to splash out on a couple of brand new Bumhugger nappies, eeeek!

BigBadMousey Thu 09-Oct-08 15:17:37

Oh lollipop beware of the amount of prewashing required for the new ones!

You'll need probably about 4 or 5 washes before they can last all night I'd think - maybe more. They reach full absorbancy after about 20 washes but they are very absorbant before that so you don;t need to wait that long. I always bought mine second hand - there are quite a few about (even the new style ones) so worth looking out for on usednappies.

lollipopmother Thu 09-Oct-08 15:51:10

I think I've trawlled every single nappy site in existence today looking for bargains, I've managed to find bugger all angry. I am really in need of a couple of XS motherease/popolini airflow wraps but can't find any second hand, I've had no luck with the XS Sandy's and all the Bumhuggers that I've found (bar 1, which I've pur-chased!) are the old style ones when I really want the new ones, very frustrating!

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