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reusable liners

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weenawoo Wed 08-Oct-08 19:23:29

I am using tots bots at the moment with disposable liners. I would like to start using reusable liners but am a bit concerned about the volume of poo I will be dealing with. DD is not on solids yet and so it is not easy to shake the stuff down the toilet!
Does anyone have expirience of using these? How did you cope?

BigBadMousey Wed 08-Oct-08 19:32:49

DS hasn't started solids yet but has been using fleece liners from birth. I just bung the liners in the bucket with the nappies - no washing or soaking neccessary. It all comes off in the wash easily enough.

Makes me giggle when people who use disposable nappies are a bit hmm when I mention this - with the amount of leaks I got with disposables there was no way my washing machine was going to get away without dealing with the stuff anyway.

I prefer fleece to disposable liners because fleece does a good job at keeping bottoms dry. I have only used disposable liners after DD2 was weaned and was teething.

weenawoo Thu 09-Oct-08 08:49:46

Thanks will give it a go. Have pointed out to peoplle going on about reusables being grim that I am avoiding a bin full of poo!

lollipopmother Thu 09-Oct-08 11:39:09

What fleece liners do you use BBM? I got some off ebay but need to get more and would like some recommendations!

BlueChampagne Thu 09-Oct-08 13:20:24

I didn't even bother with disposable liners when DS was 100% BF. It wasn't worth it. When he went onto solids I got some fleece liners on ebay too, then last weekend got some fleece fabric from John Lewis and made a dozen liners (using an ebay one as a template) and a pair of mitts with 0.5m £4 grin

tassisssss Thu 09-Oct-08 13:25:26

I used fleece liners for years but then discovered flushable ones and I love them. If they're only wet I wash them and then bin so it's fewer down the loo.

Until I start solids I don't use liners with my totsbots.

lollipop - I just bought a metre (FAR too much!) of fleece in John lewis and chopped my own.

BigBadMousey Thu 09-Oct-08 13:46:50

lollipop - I made my own - any old fleece will do and if you have any left over you can make wipes too smile.

Good thing about making your own is that you can cut them to suit your needs. DS has huge rectangular liners for his Sandy's for maximum 'stay-dry' effect and to keep and solids away from the elastic (any excess fleece outside the nappy is fine - as long as it is inside the wrap it won't leak). Then he has smaller ones for his Fuzzis which I use as a stain prevention measure (and allows me to use creams without killing my nappies). can use fleece liners inside a fleece lined pocket nappy - I always have done. The fuzzi ones need to be smaller so they that definitely stay inside the pocket nappy outer and don't wick moisture out.

ebay has some funky liners though. DS has homemade rocket liners and DD has rainbow ones smile

cheesesarnie Thu 09-Oct-08 13:55:05

we made our own too with fleece blanket from pound shop(plus matching wipes!).ds didnt get on with liners though so we scrapped that idea and went linerless.

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