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Regressing after being toilet trained?

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MrsCreosote Tue 07-Oct-08 19:57:31

Hello ladies

My 3 year old was well toilet trained and had even been dry at night for a few weeks, but for the last week or so she has started to wet herself almost every time she needs a wee. She usually makes it to the toilet and then wees on her clothes and the floor - several times a day.

I'm thinking this could be a reaction to starting pre-school at the beginning of Sept (although she loves it), or to the imminent arrival of a new baby (due in 5 weeks - but she seems happy and excited about it).

But could there be a physical cause? Should I take her to see GP or health visitor? I have tried not to shout or be cross but just asked her to try her best to wee in the toilet.

I had to resort to putting her in a nappy today because I couldn't get anything done - and I can hardly cope with all the extra washing - but the last thing I want is a 3 yr old and newborn both in nappies!

Any advice gratefully received.

Shitehawk Tue 07-Oct-08 20:01:32

Once they've been dry for a week or three the novelty wears off and they forget to concentrate as they did at the start - so have accidents.

They can also get engrossed with play and, combined with forgetting to concentrate, accidents again.

Urine infections can cause wetting accidents, but given the timing you mention, my guess is that it's just a concentration thing.

I found gentle reminders every half an hour or so helped. But putting her back in a nappy won't.

MrsCreosote Tue 07-Oct-08 20:11:17

Thanks, perhaps I should be firmer about reminding her to go, although she usually resists unless she needs to go - maybe it's just that she's leaving it till the last minute.

She's been toilet trained for a few months though with only the occasional accident. And she seems to have more accidents at home than at nursery - in fact she hasn't had one at nursery yet - but then they are only 2.5 hr sessions.

My friend is looking after her for the day tomorrow and I think I'll have to put her in a nappy, albeit reluctantly, otherwise it's not fair on my friend.

Surfermum Tue 07-Oct-08 20:24:24

Dd did this and I found a sticker chart with a reward at the end worked really well for dd. I used to take her to the local charity shop to buy a book, so it never cost me much!

But there were also times when it happened and it was a urine infection. I generally find when she has more frequent accidents then it is an infection. She also gets to the loo and wets herself as she can't "hold". It might be worth you getting a sample sent off.

MrsCreosote Wed 08-Oct-08 14:36:32

Thanks, I think I will get her urine tested to see if that is what's causing it. I

f not I'll try the sticker chart - she's currently on one to encourage her to eat her meals without needing to be fed so might have to postpone that in case all the stickers get confusing for her!

I just want to get this sorted before the baby arrives as I will have enough to deal with as it is...

ginseng Sun 12-Oct-08 10:22:40

HI, My son did exactly the same!! just a few weeks ago, i posted on here too. I was so frustrated as he had been PT for ages. I got his urine tested and it looks like he has an infection and that is probably the problem as it is so much better now. Plus someone told me to not make a big deal about it ( I was, i was getting cross with him) and it works, i just change him and tell him that i know he can be a big boy and do a wee in the toilet etc and gave him a sticker when he went in the potty/toilet and now its all sorted, it lasted 2 weeks.

G x

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