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Minki AIO

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katzguk Wed 02-Mar-05 19:55:29

has anyone used these are they any good?

katzguk Thu 03-Mar-05 13:26:43


wowy Thu 03-Mar-05 13:44:43

i got a stuffable. i think they're well cute.

katzguk Thu 03-Mar-05 14:55:12

is it an all fleece one? just curious as too whether they really do not leak!!

katzguk Thu 03-Mar-05 19:39:19


Yorkiegirl Thu 03-Mar-05 19:45:31

Message withdrawn

katzguk Thu 03-Mar-05 19:48:04

yep, i've got totsbots but was just looking for some AIO for DH's days at home with the new baby, plus was debating them for DD at night, she's dry all day and her diposables are unused in the morning but i'm not ready to chance the sleeping throuhg by putting her to bed in nothing. Just seen some online and they look really good, all fleece no plastic so was hoping no red marks!

Yorkiegirl Thu 03-Mar-05 19:49:17

Message withdrawn

katzguk Thu 03-Mar-05 19:51:12

no, i was going to get some fleece wraps for her tots size 2s but she refused to wear them!! thought the funky patterns of the minki might convince her to wear them. Keep meaning to go to the big waitrose here in Sheffield it sells motherease stuff apparently!

Yorkiegirl Thu 03-Mar-05 19:52:26

Message withdrawn

katzguk Thu 03-Mar-05 19:55:22


either click on the sale link or the clothe nappies and select AIO's

katzguk Thu 03-Mar-05 19:55:58

this website have got an offer on of buy 5 tots nappies and get a tots wrap free !

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