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which potty training book to buy?

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mama2leah Mon 06-Oct-08 16:31:53

which one to buy?

the best one out? best advice?

thank you in advance

theinsider Mon 06-Oct-08 16:35:38

We had one with stickers, it was also aimed particularly at boys (I have a boy!). Can't remember what it was called but it was from Mothercare. Did it help? Well a bit, but I turned into someone who left it quite late and then he got it with no trouble. Only had one accident. He was 2.8 when he was dry in the day and came out of nappies at 3.3. I'll leave the next one as late as possible in the hope that makes it easy too. smile

Nettee Tue 07-Oct-08 08:54:18

Gina Ford has a definate plan which can be useful if you don't know where to start. The NCT one is quite good with lots of different methods and balanced advice. I didn't like the no cry one so much but then it has a good questionaire to see if dc is ready - although mine scored highly and wasn't. I do think though that you read the books when the child is not ready as you are panicking and then when they are it is easy and you don't need the books.

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