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Moletex & other eco friendly nappies - help please! Confused......

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mummyhelen Tue 01-Mar-05 23:10:50

We are going away soon and I don't really want to take my washable nappies. I have sent off for a free moletex nappy to try. I have also seen some nappies in Boots, Nature baby or something like that. Can any one help me............

1. are they similar types of nappy, it seems neither have any harmful chemicals and are just natural I right on this?

2. The Boots ones say thet are degradable, is this the same as bio degradable. Does this mean they won't sit around in a landfill site for 500 years. Are the Mo;tex ones the same in this respect?

The Moletex just seem a lot more expensive, so if they are similar I might as well get the Boots ones.

Also, can anyone tell me how either brand perform or recommend anything else.

dramaqueen72 Tue 01-Mar-05 23:38:26

well i have always used moltex, i just love them. they DONT leak, they dont break they have no chemicals or nasty gel stuff in either. most importantly to me - they are extra skin friendly, as dd has v reactive skin.
the nature ones your are referring to are, imo, a much lesser product. has moltex at good prices, it gets less as you buy more, iyswim!!! i have tried all high street usual brands when i have misordered and run out of moltex before next delivery, and moltex beats them all on not leaking.
hope thats some help!

dramaqueen72 Tue 01-Mar-05 23:39:57

forgot to say Moltex are the first nappies to be totally biodegradeable,a nd that does indeed mean they will NOT sit in landfill for years and long as the users remember not to use a plastic nappy bag!!!LOL

moondog Tue 01-Mar-05 23:43:27

I second Moltex. they're great. I use them occasionally (when cloth ones not practical) and beaming baby is a charming company-friendly,efficient and prompt.

pootlepod Wed 02-Mar-05 12:09:09

Nature do bio degradable nappy bags if you prefer to use bags with nappies. I find I can also fit 3 nappies in each bagif I use them. Think they also do wipes as well, available in larger supermarkets.

I also prefer moltex for dispos, very good quality IMO

mummyhelen Thu 03-Mar-05 00:02:58

Thanks everyone. Will have a look at the beaming baby website [smile}

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