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Heavy wetting DS - night nappy?

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SilverSixpence Thu 02-Oct-08 21:39:09

hi, DS is 3 months old and has always been a heavy wetter, we are mainly using little lamb bamboo and flexitots (with bamboo boosters) during the day, and I have to be careful to change him after 3 hours otherwise he starts to leak through. At night I use LLs with a booster and usually a totsbots fleece wrap but he does start to get damp by morning and at the moment he's only in the nappy from about 11pm/midnight to 8am. I'm trying to get him to sleep earlier and am worried about leaks - any suggestions?

Ceolas Thu 02-Oct-08 21:43:17

Have you tried a flexitot overnight? My DD had a flexi with a bamboo booster for 12 hours the other night and the outside of the nappy was barely damp! shock

Ceolas Thu 02-Oct-08 21:43:45

Or a PUL wrap?

BigBadMousey Thu 02-Oct-08 22:41:50

Definitely go with the PUL wrap - airflow are fab for nights.

Are your LL up to full absorbancy - how long have you been using them?

I found the flexitot not to be very absorbant for my DS (heavy wetter too). We use a boostered Bumble +airflow at night - the fleece lining keeps him dry. Ellas House bumhuggers are fully fleece lined, boostable and very absorbant (hemp though so beware re stiffness and drying time!)

That said, I'd say your fleece wraps are the problem tbh - they aren't 100% waterproof like decent PUL.

needaholiday Fri 03-Oct-08 19:23:05

Try a nappy elite fleece outer wrap with pul inner. work a treat for us- no leaks. Good night nappies are quick flip cotton terry, minki huggle ( tho big and bulky) and bedbugs. (not used the bedbugs but they are reputedly absorbent)

DeJaVous Fri 03-Oct-08 19:26:22

BBM is right about the fleece, it lets the moisture evaporate... An Airflow is almost definitely a better bet.

How about adding a hemp booster too? They hold a phenomenal amount.

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