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HELP Potty training 3 yr old

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catzy Wed 01-Oct-08 19:14:52

My DS turned 3 last and we have begun potty training.

I'm thinking he's not ready but he's 3 and everyone is telling me he should be by this age. He wets/poos himself and is happy to sit in it.

He is happy to wee in the potty and toilet when prompted but will not say he needs to go and denies when he's wet himself.

Tried pull up's but he treats them as nappies.

If I ask him if he needs a wee or if he's wee'd he always says no.

I'm using sticker chart, I never get angry about it. I Keep being told I'm doing everything I can but I just don't know if I should stop and wait and if so how long I should wait bearing in mind his age????

Any advise/help would be appreciated????

TreeHuggerMum1 Wed 01-Oct-08 20:45:48

I just want say I am in exactly 100% the same boat as you.
My son is 3 in 6 weeks and was showing all signs, started training in May and am still tearing my hair out.
Yesterday he wet twice and 2 dirty ones on top of that (day before even worse) whereas today marvellous and not one accident (but didn't have a poo today).
I was worried but now just think it'll happen when it does.
He still won't ask me and 9 out of 10 times says no when I ask him.
Don't think pressure helped either of us and the bribery only lasted a short time too....
Have decided it'll happen when hes ready and not before.
Not alot of help but just a bit of support.

shhhh Wed 01-Oct-08 22:27:06

have you tried underpants ontop of a nappy..? I didn't do it with dd but s friend did it with her ds...made him think he was wearing underpants iykiwm..

The other thing I would suggest is going straight into pants and plan to stay at home for a week..get things when does he wee/poo, how often etc. By staying home and being prepared to have numerous changes of clothes a day helps. I found dd poo'd when hiding behind a play tent so coukd try and grab her before she did it iykiwm...

allow ds to play with the potty and to become familar with it, allow him to choose his own underpants, treat etc...

allow potty time to be a fun time and not a chore..
good luck x

ches Thu 02-Oct-08 00:42:58

So what is easier, popping him on the loo regularly throughout the day or changing nappies? And which will help him to learn? wink

lochlanfaidesmummy Thu 02-Oct-08 01:12:40

if he is not ready he is not ready plain and simple, you cant force a child when he is clearly incapable. do you have friends with kids the same age as our son orslightly older younger who are potty trained?
i would visit them often and your son will see that other kids use the loo and he will see he can too. monkey see monkey do type thing and if it is his peers it will be more encouraged.
my son on his second day of day care, came home and said no mummy no nappys and he hasnt been in one since, this was because he was the only child in a nappy(he was also the youngest) and all the other kids used the toilet so he joined in. now my friends girl always uses the the loo to show off to my son, they think its so much going to the potty one after each other.
never ever ever get angry or frustrated he will notice and using the loo will become scary. trust your son and your instincts if he isnt ready he isnt.

Tatties Thu 02-Oct-08 01:16:14

When ds had just turned 3 I could not imagine him out of nappies - I know it seems like lots of other children are trained at this age, but some are still not ready. I decided to do no more than casually suggest going to the toilet / wearing pants every now and then, I just couldn't see the point of 'training' if he wasn't able or wiling to do it. When he was 3.4 he decided one morning he was wearing pants - and that was it. Obviously there have been accidents as he has been learning what to do, but on the whole has been pretty reliable after the first week and I really haven't had to do much.

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