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How do I potty train???

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pinkroses Tue 01-Mar-05 00:17:47

Sorry....I bet this has been done to death, but how do I potty train a 2 and a half year old??? I haven't a clue!!!

Please help!!! How do I begin??? What signs should I be looking for???

I have been dreading potty training, but she is beginning to tell me when she is wet now, so I thought it was time. Help!!!!

ps.....if anyone would like to take her and potty train her, I would be very grateful

mummytojames Tue 01-Mar-05 01:03:20

the way im doing it is put the potty in a main room where she can see it and play with it to get used to it after a while where she comfortable with it start telling her to tell you if she needs to pee or poo and calmly just sit her on it if she gets up straight away give her the oh well never mind attitude if she does something in the potty praise her and give her a treat like a sweet or something to show her its a good thing where possible let her run around bare bum save having to fiddle around with pants as she havent learned how to hold it yetkeep reminding her every now and agian remind her the potty is there and what its for and also tell her if she wants help you will help her or she can do it by herself also try and get her to sit on the potty between nappy changes before and after nap times before geting into her bed clothes and getting up first thing in the morning
but please remember potty traing can seem like it goes on forever but it dont honestly just a bit of patiant and a lot of praises you will get there

if you havent got a potty yet i can recomend the three in one potty in index its a potty a seat for the toilet and a double step we got one and i love it because its got arms on it which makes the child feel alot more secure plus a lid which means it doubles as a seat for them as well

cazabela Tue 01-Mar-05 14:47:46

i really really need some help my 2ryold tells me that she needs a wee, if she has no nappie on she wants one on, she will sit on the potty but will not do a thing and when i try to sit her on it she crys and jumps up! please HELP ME [GRIN]

LIZS Tue 01-Mar-05 14:56:20


I think you'll just have to wait it out. dd could tell when she needed a wee and had the occasional success form about 20 months but was 2 3/4 before she trained as she just could not volunatrily "let go". It is not worth cretaing the tension over.

Hulababy Tue 01-Mar-05 14:59:46

Not sure if it is of any use to you, but thought I would just say how we went about it. Dd was 24 months at the time, and was showing signs of being ready.

We talked about it for a bit before, and had a potty in the house for a while. To start with we only has a basic piotty and I noticed that it left a ring round DD's bottom - so I got her a potty chair (about £10 for Mothercare) which was much better.

We got in lots of little tiny stickers.

We got in lots of pairs of pants - cheap ones to start with, which were loose and baggy fitting - easier to pull up and down.

We then went cold turkey one morning, after discussing it the day before. But we only did day time training.

Day 1

No bottom half clothes on at all, just a long top. Potty in living area, next to where we played. Lots of reminders to sit on potty and see what happened - every 20 minutes or so, gradually easing off a bit as time went on. At nap time, I put a Pull Up over her pants -so that she would feel the wetness if she did a wee.

For every success (or almost success) she got to choose a sticker and we stuck it directly onto her potty chair - a very visual reminder. And she got tons of praise.

We did have a couple of accidents, but not too many luckily.

Day 2

Same routine, but we did ut on some baggy pants. Had a problem on day 2 of her trying to hold on too long - resulted in accidents (but not loads). So I very briefly, used chocolate buttons (1 per wee) along side the stickers - just for that day. Which did the trick!

Day 3 onwards

From day 3 we had no wee accidents at all. We gradually increased her clothing - but keeping it all simple to pull up and down. And we gradually moved the potty bacck towards the bathroom - which is on same floor. Stickers continued for a good few weeks, as did the praise.

After the first few days we took her to choose her own new pants - her own choice ones, regardless of price. I figured that they couldn't be that expensive and it was her special treat. Both sets of grandparents brought her a treat of big girl's pants and a toy/book that weekend too and made a fuss of her.

We did have some problems with her doing a poo on the potty to start with. This was again solved with the chocolate button/sticker combo bribe!!!

Hulababy Tue 01-Mar-05 15:02:53

Gina Ford has a book about potty training in a week. These are the seven signs of readiness she mentions:

GF 7 signs are:

1. 18 months and over
2. nappy is frequently dry after his nap; dry nap after a couple of hours since last changed is a good sign of badder control
3. aware of doing a poo (going quiet, concentrating, etc) or pointing to nappy and says poo/wee when he has done one
4. can understand and follow simple instructions
5. eager to participate in taking off own clothes and understands what pulling shorts up and down mean
6. can point to parts of his body when you name them
7. has the ability to sit still and occupy himself for 5-10 minutes with a toy, book or video

DD never quite managed number 7!!!

7kidsatnumber7 Tue 01-Mar-05 15:28:13

It's much easier to try during the summer when it's warmer and they can run around with not many clothes on and if you have a garden all the better as there's less accidents on the carpet. All children come out of nappies at different times, I had 2 boys 10 months apart and the younger one came out of nappies before his brother and I thought I'd never get my 4 year old out of nappies at night swapping disposables to terries in an effort to try, it was down to good old fashion blackmail in the end. 7 dry nights = 1 box of creme eggs and we've not had a wet night since

Hulababy Tue 01-Mar-05 20:15:16

So glad to read that someone else resorted to the chocolate blackmail

mialala Sun 06-Mar-05 15:38:05

Never mind all of the advice about waiting until they are over 18 months old, my daughter was just over a year and I let her run around trouser less in the day time, and put a potty close by in case of any accidents, and of course there were, but perseverence over a few days and she was dry.

chipmonkey Sun 06-Mar-05 16:20:59

I sat ds2 on his potty and put alittle table in front of him with crayons and paper. He scribbled away happily and when we "caught" a wee, dh and I loaded on the praise. He was trained v. quickly. ds1 took forever, nearly a year!!!! but with hindsight I think we started when I thought he ought to be ready, rather than when he was ready. He was very smart and excellent at reading, numbers etc but just because they are smart does not mean they are ready for training.

samwifewithkid Mon 07-Mar-05 21:55:59

My dd was 2 1/2 at xmas and straight after we got on and potty trained.

We used a sticker chart stuck on the fridge at her eye level. Lots of colourful and shiny stickers for every wee/poo in potty. A black sad face with a marker pen for accidents (but no fuss made) it made her realise a consequence to her actions. Bribery in the form of xmas sweet pressies that needed using up. Then we went onto dried fruit chunks when they were gone. And lots of praise and attention for sucesses and ignoring for accidents. She clicked in about 3 days what we were doing and although we still have the odd poo accident (due to lack of timing on getting to the potty) she has done brilliantly. I also tell her it makes mummy very happy when she does wees/poos on the potty and she likes that too.

kele Sun 13-Mar-05 20:41:40

i really need help in toilet training my 2 and a half year old, she knows when shes going to poo tells me when shes done it, but when she sits on the toilet or potty she'll sit there get up then wee or poo on the floor. i have tried the the mummy is having a wee, and mummy wears big girl knickers but no joy......please help


Arcadio Wed 23-Mar-05 10:07:43

I need help too! My ds is just over 2 1/2 and has all the supposed signs of readiness. We tried over Xmas and for the first few days it went well and then he just decided he wasn't going to wee in the potty or on toilet. So we put him back in nappies.

We started again last week and again, the first few days went well and then he decided he wasn't going to do it. Should I persevere or leave it again a few weeks?

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