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Hemp Prefolds or Flats (reviews and making own)

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Maisiemog Mon 28-Feb-05 23:11:21

I am currently using Cotton Bottoms with Bummis Super Whisper Wrap a nappi nippa, boosters and fleece liners. We are quite happy with the performance at the moment - a newborn fold with a big terry booster and a fleece goes 10-12 hours, and we have the bf poo thing well under control with that little nippa. However, I have read that my boy will start to wet a lot more in the coming months so am looking at adding some hemp prefolds and/or flats to my collection of nappies, but I'm finding it hard to get much choice in the UK - there are a lot of US sellers.
I have some hemp boosters, but the site from which I purchased them only does hemp fitted nappies.
Can anyone advise me as to where I can purchase them and also advise which are the best makes? I have found a website called Nice Nappies near Hastings where they make hemp prefolds - anyone know about them?
I am also curious as to whether anyone who has tried hemp flats or prefolds and has any preference and why?
One option I am considering is making some hemp flat/prefolds myself. Again I would love to hear from anyone who has done this, as I hear hemp can be hard to sew.
The downside of trying to make hemp nappies seems to be getting hold of the fabric. Again I would be interested to hear of anyone who has found a fabric source within the UK or Europe.

sansouci Mon 28-Feb-05 23:13:08

Hemp, eh? Mmmmm....

Maisiemog Mon 28-Feb-05 23:28:54

No not that kind of hemp . I had a similar reaction from the shop assistant in our local fabric shop (raised eyebrows and a knowing look )

sansouci Mon 28-Feb-05 23:34:13

Sorry Maisiemog! That was a cheap laugh on my part. Although Body Shop makes an excellent hemp hand cream! Why don't you just use Pampers or is that totally beyond the pale?

mummyhelen Tue 01-Mar-05 14:17:36

Hi, I have seen some hemp prefolds at I don't know how these compare pricewise to what you have seen. They are under the pocket nappy insert section. I'm afraid I can't really help with anything else as I've never really got on with prefolds. I have tried shaped hemp nappies but I was disappointed with their absorbancy. They were ok, I just think there is so much said about the absorbancy that I was maybe just expecting too much! Good luck in your quest

Maisiemog Tue 01-Mar-05 17:39:09

Hi MummyHelen,
thanks for the info. I have read that hemp requires a lot of pre-washing, like twelve or thirteen washes, did you still find the absorbancy not good after a lot of washes?
What kind of hemp nappy did you use?
I've just looked at those prefolds, they're Hemparoos. Has anyone tried them? I read that hemp can be difficult to nappi nippa, does anyone know if these are ok?

Maisiemog Tue 01-Mar-05 17:44:59

Re the hemparoos
I was looking at them on Nappyness if you click on information next to any of the prefolds there are four nappies pictured, but only descriptions for three of them. What is the giant prefold at the back: the one that isn't described?

eidsvold Tue 01-Mar-05 21:22:06

used pattern and made my own prefolds - found they worked with older babes - used them with dd1 when she was about 1.. I have made some for dd2 and put them away for later... used flannelette and cotton for the fabric and then wrapped the pad part in towelling and sewed them in the middle iyswim.

mummyhelen Tue 01-Mar-05 22:10:29

Hi Maisiemog, I have used the Ellas House Hemp & Bumhuggers. I did 10 washes before I used them, but I have found that I have to use a hemp booster with them to boost the absorbancy otherwise babes is saturated after 3 hours. They are very slim and maybe I was just expecting too much? Also I think that the thicker layers between the legs seem to be more positioned in favour of a girl than a boy. My ds seems to get soaking wet right up to his belly. I still do use them when I need a thinner nappy, but they are just not really my first choice.

mummyhelen Tue 01-Mar-05 22:15:40

ps. Why don't you email them about the large prefold in the back and see if they can give you any details. I was trying to work out the stitching colour and it looks like it's bigger than the large one.

Maisiemog Thu 03-Mar-05 02:16:18

Hi eidsvold,
How did you find sewing the prefold? Can you just use a regular, domestic sewing machine?
I'm disappointed about your Ella's House experience Mummy Helen, I'll have to try one of those hemp prefolds and see how it goes

eidsvold Thu 03-Mar-05 05:06:42

just used my ordinary machine...

used flannelette or mulsin as the cover, thick wadding you can buy by the metre as the padding, old towels cut up or left over muslin or cotton to cover the pad.

I used one that I had for a template and then cut the fabric from that - nice and easy enough for one and a half times round iyswim.

I then had some thick wadding that I covered with towelling from some old towels. Cut the wadding to the pad size and cover with the towelling - like pocket sort of thing and zig-zagged the open edges.

Wrapped the prefold fabric ( flannelette or muslin - I used) starting and ending on either side of the pad - making sure the pad was positioned in the middle.

Sewed a straight stitch down either side of the pad then zigzagged the top and bottom edges.... pad done!

Sounds difficult but once you have done one - it is sooo easy.

If in doubt - buy one as a template and then make the rest.

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