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I'm still confused.......

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trinityrocks Mon 28-Feb-05 17:26:01

I have been looking around on loads of reusable nappy sites and I thought I got the hang of it, but now I'm a little confused.
Do all "nappies" need "wraps"????

I understand that the wraps are the bit that stops the leaking cos the nappies are fleece or cotton and not water resistant/proof but why are soooo many of the "nappies" so cute and colourful when they are going to be covered by a wrap??
Am I missing something or are there more kinds than I am realising
Sorry to be hopeless, but I really like the idea of reusables and I want to understand properly.

lunavix Mon 28-Feb-05 17:27:32

Don't worry I thought exactly the same thing!!!

AIO nappies (All in Ones) are a nappy/wrap in one, but they aren't so cute...

I felt a bit gutted that my gorgeous nappies were covered in wraps, so I've strived to make sure I find cute wraps!

Apparently in summer it's okay to let them run around with no wrap on.. not sure about that..


flamesparrow Mon 28-Feb-05 17:38:41

I got annoyed that B looked so cute in her little fluffy tots bots, only to put a huge wrap over them (and none look as cute as the actual nappy). Not too sure about the lack of wrap in the summer... it will all squish out when they sit down leaving a soggy wee circle!!!

motherpeculiar Tue 01-Mar-05 11:29:57

some of the fleece tots bots wraps available on twinkle are dead cute - stripey ones, or polkadot ones or plain red

but, I don't know the pros and cons of fleece wraps I'm afraid

I'm just going for motherease with the eco prints on - they're quite nice too

tarantula Tue 01-Mar-05 11:35:55

Ive got ME wraps with the eco designs on too and I think they are gorgeous. Also got a couple of wraps from pitter patter which are really cute and the lock em in buttons are great cos dd has figured out velcro (the wee minx) and shes only 13mnths.

bensmum3 Tue 01-Mar-05 20:38:51

Fleece wraps are great, We always use one at night, you do have to watch that straps on car seats/pushchairs and clothes are'nt too tight I think, as the wet will be squeezed through.
They work through evaporation of the wee, so also need changing often. I use a clean one every night, but they are easy to wash and dry.

AIO's (all in ones) don't need a wrap as they have a waterproof layer built in,they take longer to dry.
kooshies sometimes leak really badly, the nicest ones I've found are the minki stuffables, lovely designs and quicker to dry as you take the inside out to wash and dry it.

vickyD Tue 01-Mar-05 21:23:19

All complete nappies need 3 components; the nappy which is the absorbent bit and usually made from cotton or sometimes hemp, the wrap which is the waterproof bit and usually made from PUL or fleece or wool, and a liner which helps dispose of poo easily and is usually either paper, fleece or sometimes silk. Most nappies come with separate nappy and wrap, but some come with the waterproof part attached to the abosrbent part - all in ones. Although these seem the simplest, they are not necessarily the best, as they only have 1 line of defence against leaks, whereas 2 part nappies have 2. There are also pocket nappies (sometimes classed as all in ones)which consist of a fleece inner which acts as a liner, and PUL outer which acts as the waterproof bit. You then have to add to that anything you like to make the absorbent bit (insert, terry, prefold, anything!).
As for liners, fleece keeps baby really dry, but can be a little more messy at the younger runny poo stages. Paper is the simplest type, as you simply flush the lot down the toilet.
Hope this helps!

nab Tue 01-Mar-05 21:29:48

Hope no one minds this: I have some wraps to sell. Toddler size Cotton Bottoms which were washed but not used. Also another 2 in large size just used a few times. Were £8 new, sell for £5.50 each or all four for £20.

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