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What do you think is the BEST nappy rash cream/other cure? Please, am baffled.

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Dd 7 mo has been sore for literally months.

I am airing her at every possible opportunity.

I don't use wipes.

I use Bepanthen- seems to ease it a bit. Organic people baby salve, the same.

Melatin(sp?), she reacted to badly.

It's not fungal.

It's at its worse around her leg openings iyswim.

Just constant redness, sometimes bad othertimes slight.

I really want to clear it up for her.

She has been teething the whole time.

mamazee Sun 28-Sep-08 21:35:24

oh and moltex nappies as they have no bleach in

Thanks for all the advice so far, a few things to try.

Thanks for the nappy tips but I use washables.

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 28-Sep-08 21:52:07

Some children do react to some washables, or to the washing powder. Have you tried disposables for a week just to see if it helps?

dcb Mon 29-Sep-08 13:45:18

go to see your GP - i agree, may need antifungal with steroid in x

Bodkin Mon 29-Sep-08 20:27:14

Had the same thing with my DD2 - my GP prescribed Timodine as well and it was brilliant - worked virtually overnight.

I do also find metanium brilliant when the nappy rash goes totally toxic - i.e. no skin left (owwwchhhhh!) as it is the only thing that will stay on. You have to use a really thin layer though, and just pat it on very gently - don't slather it on like sudocrem or bepanthen as it's really strong stuff.

Larababy Thu 22-Nov-12 14:52:13

My little boy used to suffer or very bad nappy rash. I tried every single cream but nothing made it dissapeared (sudocream made it slightly better). Desperately I found an organic cream with olive oil from spain. First time used applied it overnight and in the morning was absolutely gone! Very happy with this product. You can find it at the link is
Good luck mums!

NAR4 Tue 04-Dec-12 11:35:28

Try pure potions This is fantastic. Quite pricey but lasts for ages.

VisualiseAHorse Sun 09-Dec-12 21:50:15

Have you tried Calomine lotion (can't spell)?

I presume you've tried different nappies? I found Asda's Little Angel's the best (mine is cloth full time now though).
We only use flannels with water for wiping, and he has at least 30 minutes in both the morning and evening of nappy free time.

stephy3 Wed 19-Dec-12 14:39:55

Mine always had a rash when teething so that might be part of the problem. I found that the only cream that helped was "Earth Friendly Baby" Organic Red Clover Nappy Care Cream (that's the full name). It can feel a bit liquidish but really protected my 3 babies' skin. You can get it from the Really Eco Baby website for a fiver:
Good luck

boardywoardyJen Fri 09-Jun-17 17:42:15

Mama nature's tiny troubles salve. Even my health visitor was impressed and she's a bit of a sour puss (god bless her). We must have tried around ten different creams and ointments either recommended by the doctor or health visitor and was at wits end. I think they should change their name from mama nature to mama miracle!

Makinglists Fri 09-Jun-17 17:46:06

Welenda candula cream is fantastic and smalls lovely. Metonium is yuck to use (stains fingers) but really good if you have blister like nappy rash.

SprinkleOfInsanity Fri 09-Jun-17 18:24:47

Came to say 'desitin', but realised this is a ZOMBIE THREAD

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