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is one potty much like another or does it matter what shape it is???

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Flumpity Sat 27-Sep-08 13:53:18

just about to go get the stuff for potty training dd. now bamboozled by the number of different potties on sale. any advice on which shape is better? some seem to be round, some are more oval. Or (as with so many things it seems) does it just depend on whether your child takes a fancy to it or not / shape of her particular anatomy etc!

what worked for you?

belgo Sat 27-Sep-08 14:04:13

We have one expensive potty (a present) and one very cheap standard shaped potty. I would go for the cheapest any time, far easier to keep clean.

Mij Sat 27-Sep-08 14:07:04

The latter, in my experience. DD loved to put first potty on her head (it was early, about 15mos, to give her her due) and stand in it but when it came to sitting down it clearly just wasn't comfortable for her. I think it was because she was little and has a tiny bum! Luckily it was £2 at an NCT sale. By chance, at the next sale, came across a more chair-like one, for £3. Bought it on a whim, Madame took to it and used it as a chair for a couple of months, she sat on her own throne while I was on mine, both of us 'reading'. It was quite companionable. And also meant that we caught quite a lot of wees by accident (followed by wild jubilation of course) and I'm sure it contributed to her really getting it quite quickly, before we'd really done any 'training'.

Moral of the story - buy cheap/secondhand ones in a couple of different designs and experiment. Oh, and a loo seat too, in case your DD prefers to go 'like a big girl lady' (to quote my DD). I found it was invaluable to have them scattered around the house anyway (even now, 4 months on) in case of short notice being given, so it wouldn't be a waste of wonga.

Oh, and DD now likes the original one too, as she decorated it with stickers and likes to point them all out, one by one, when she uses it.

needaholiday Sat 27-Sep-08 20:24:28

We have a chair style babybjorn potty with removable bucket. It suits boys and girls and is IMO a little more comfy and sturdy than the potty potties. Our babybjorn is on it's 12th baby.

littleducks Sat 27-Sep-08 20:34:19

they had some in the 99p store today, and some toilet trainer seats as well, so might be worth a look!

mine has a lid, which is fairly useful

a removeable inset piece might be good for emptying

but tbh i went straight to the toilet as soon as possible

Flumpity Sun 28-Sep-08 14:13:47

thanks. v useful. just went and got a cheapy from babies r us to see how she gets on (not really training yet, but one of her friends at her childminders who has started potty training (he's 8 months older than her) has made her obsessed with potties!

seems ok so far. first thing she did (in the shop before we bought it) was shriek "potty", immediately sit on it (after several amusing failed attempts) and them promptly do a huge poo (admittedly in her nappy of course as we were standing in the shop still) but nonetheless she appears to understand what its for i'd say.

So i'm taking that as a sign she's ok with it... we shall see. thanks for replying.

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