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my DS is 3.9 been dry for 9 months and suddenly gone backwards??? help

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sarahmikeharryandrosie Thu 25-Sep-08 19:36:13

My Ds, aged 3 and 9 months, had been toilet trained for around 9 months, he has been clean and dry for the last six months and since july, dry through the night too with only a couple of accidents.

In the last 5/6 weeks he has gone back to pooing in his pants at least twice a day!!!!

He is fine with wees but his poo is really a problem, he tells me it does not hurt, so i its not that, he just tells us her was too busy!!

We have gone back to sticker chart and treats thats not really helping, even tried taking things off him(like no TV) as a kind of punishment, it just seems that he is so engrosed in what he is doing he forgets,

Any suggestions on what we can try???

I must add he has just started a new pre- school so that could be a factor too although he has not had any accidents or problems there.

Sorry its a long one but DH and i are getting really stressed about it!!!!(and i know i shouldn't)

sarahmikeharryandrosie Fri 26-Sep-08 08:01:20


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