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calling all pre fold experts!!

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rusmum Tue 23-Sep-08 20:57:12

Help yet again. I have cotton bottoms pre and am still struggling to get along with them. I cant seem to find a fold that fits and doesnt leak. pad fold leaks pooh, new born fold very bulky (to knees) and wrap doesnt fit properly then!)

DD is 8 weeks old, .

I can not afford to start again as got birth to potty pack ( stupid I know!)
so i either get on with these or go to disposables.


babyjjbaby Wed 24-Sep-08 08:35:56

have u done a pad fold with fanninbg out the back and using a nippa or bikini fold lie it out flat lay bayon top the pull it up between legs and twist hav eu tried rolling in the legs

JoyS Wed 24-Sep-08 10:12:51

Lots and lots of prefold info here:

What wraps are you using, the cotton bottoms ones? They are just like the bummis super whisper wraps on that site.

They will fit better in a few weeks, prefolds tend to be huge on newborns. Disposables don't contain leaks any better, and instead of just having to wash a nappy cover, you end up having to wash all the clothes and whatever she was lying on as well.

Maybe get a few more covers? Imse Vimse Soft are bulletproof and for simplicity the mothercare smart nappy covers work really well with a pad folded prefold and fit nicely.

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