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calling all pre fold experts!!

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rusmum Tue 23-Sep-08 20:56:04

Help yet again. I have cotton bottoms and am still struggling to get along with them. I cant seem to find a fold that fits and doesnt leak. pad fold leaks pooh, new born fold very bulky (to knees) and wrap doesnt fit properly then!)

DD is 8 weeks old, .

I cann not afford to start again as got birth to potty pack ( stupid I know!)
so i either get on with these or go to disposables.


mumdebump Tue 23-Sep-08 21:15:54

Hi we had Cotton Bottoms too but I found them really tricky at that age. The cloth bit seems so bulky. We chopped the liners in half and folded the nappy in thirds (girl fold) and then just squashed in a bit it in the middle so it would go between the legs better. Then lined it all up and did up the wrap as tight as we could. Finally check that all the nappy and liner are tucked in and not stickin out of the wrap. If it is still hopeless, I would just say try again in another week or 2 when your DD is bigger.

Ceolas Tue 23-Sep-08 21:43:02

Are you using a nippa? Not sure about the new born fold. Have you tried angel fold?

Have also hear it said that the key to success with prefolds is the wrap. What wraps are you using?

rusmum Wed 24-Sep-08 10:39:14

using cotton bottomc wraps too. Any advice on betetr ones??? Got some tots bots of someone off here but no good.

Ceolas Wed 24-Sep-08 10:53:10

I think Motherease Rikki are supposed to be good with prefolds. Or Nature Babies velcro wraps. Proraps too. Anything close fitting with a gusset should do the job.

rusmum Sat 04-Oct-08 18:16:34


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