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Going camping with two bedwetters - are we mad?

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Rick Sat 26-Feb-05 11:18:34

Hi mumsnet, back after a long while. Our eldest DS (6 and a half) really wants to go on a camping holiday, but has recently relapsed into wetting the bed every night, (might be to do with new bunk beds) and the idea of washing out sleeping bags or sheets every day doesn't sound like much of a holiday to me. Also our younger DS ( 4) is, umm, rather well endowed and fetches his tail out of his pull-up so it pokes out at the top or the side so he's wet every morning aswell!
Does anyone know of a way round this, or some ingenius device? Or should we just give up on the idea and go for an expensive chalet, gite or whatever, with a washing machine?

zippy539 Sat 26-Feb-05 12:05:23

Sorry Rick - don't have any solutions but someone else will. I know it's not funny for you, but your thread title made me laugh so much that I had to bump it up .

Aimsmum Sat 26-Feb-05 12:08:22

Message withdrawn

oatcake Sat 26-Feb-05 12:18:48

I can just imagine dad going "that's my boy!"

roisin Sat 26-Feb-05 12:27:15

Rick - if you wade through this thread there are some links to sites selling sleeping bag liners, incl. waterproof ones, also some helpful advice on that thread.


Rick Sat 26-Feb-05 14:09:27

Lol Oatcake. You should see the look on friends and family's faces when they help out with bathtime My dw is sure she's going to end up on Eurotrash as the mother of that famous porn star! I'm sure it's because he's been stretching it since birth! All great ammunition for when the first girlfriend turns up. Seriously though, thanks for all the advice I'm going to look at roisin's thread now and see if I can find anything.

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